Institutional trading! Making money in manipulated stocks...

NEL 05.06.2019 kl 10:26 5645

Those who want to make money buying and selling following the steps of those who move the price without being manipulated, can follow me here .... Only three words Buy - Hold - Sell
06.06.2019 kl 13:28 939

Shopping time Bottom of the Bottom ... Accumulate for tomorrow... ;)
06.06.2019 kl 13:35 917

Short sellers has a limited, Since the people is still terrorised, we need to cover our self doing same as the institutional do... Buy at lower price as much we can afford and averaging the price... price is not important ! Important is to own one of the must value stocks in a oil dead era.... Keep buying not matter the price....
06.06.2019 kl 13:40 905

I believe someone overestimates his/hers influence by writing on this forum. I would love an english respons from Tigeren on the subject.
Peace and love!
06.06.2019 kl 14:21 890

Be patient if you can't buy more just hold, good news is coming .... Hydrogen demand is growing be patient, Institutionals are buying so just be patient for the oncoming contracts.... That will change the pessimist environment
06.06.2019 kl 14:37 861

7 Continuos days dropping the price, I thing is enough Mr Jon Andre Løkke ... It is time to release the contracts I know you have a lot to says...
Redigert 06.06.2019 kl 14:52 Du må logge inn for å svare
06.06.2019 kl 14:50 837

Sr Jon Andre Løke, I believe you are a honest person unless that it is sadly to found up today but I will believe in God that you are, I will tell you something that happened with a ship company call DOF, this company one of the best was taken under short sellers control after it's CEO never showup to calm the investors and now you can see the price and even the give the shares almost for free, nobody want to buy it because is another control of robots, manipulators and short sellers, all this happening without the CEO or management intervention... I see you you are in Denmark working for a Hydrogen storage area but I don't see you don't realize that your investors are many bloding in hands of a wild short campaign that should be close to finish but you never show up ! You are doing same as DOF CEO, and that give to much for think... I'm preocupate for the small investors more that yourself but I encourage you to take your responsibility to communicate what was happened ! You have to do that, mens do that ... God bless NEL investors and protect them if there are a bad intention behind...
06.06.2019 kl 15:01 821

Averaging the price during a manipulate drop require a lot capital but it is a safe way to double the investment.... NEL is kind of company that are in the market boom right now so it is no doubt of that ! But let the investors take advantage of the price when is high it is no professional, I'm worry of the people more than the company, what you guys did is the most stupid thing you could do in you poor life, you guys that treacherous the investors could make more than 10 times that the money you did yesterday, same as spectalen did some years ago He could have even more money today, but when the big investors are jumping company after companies you guys are lossing reputation ... Jon Andre Løkke I alway saw you with admiration and I'm waiting for you, I know my words will reach you ears because I know here are people that talk to you... Small town big inferno....

I did not expect lower than 6,50 to-day. I think it is too much credit among some investors. My average is approx 2,50 so I bought
Sad for Investors that must sell. If you don't have NEL this could be an attractive level to start acc - With Your own Money
06.06.2019 kl 16:26 737

We could arrived to the pullback point... I believe this turnover will be as strong as the fall for the following criterias... NEL is in the middle of a high hydrogen demand and growing market, second, at this lower price we are getting new participants and many of the investors as me we manage to average the price by almost doubling the number off shares, third, the short sellers will buy back as soon they see the investors start buying... in conclusion NEL will increase even more than 9 Kr in a few period, I'm confident of that...
07.06.2019 kl 08:31 656

Good morning ! How is the optimism today ? All ready to retrieve our losses of three days of wild attach from different flancs ... Have cash available in your broker account to take the train from the first stop ... Don't buy after the price is high again ! Buy in the bottom and do whatever you like with the shares when the price is high is the best that every investor can do.... Have a good day longers investors .... ;)
07.06.2019 kl 08:46 632

The short sellers manipulators kids wake up with new nicknames to positioner in long .... WTF barnehage we have in this foro... Any way thanks for the cheap shares, it is time for the honest investors take the focus in our business, we will not permit that a group of kids create terror so we own the shares they have nothing ....
Redigert 07.06.2019 kl 08:47 Du må logge inn for å svare
07.06.2019 kl 09:19 603

All together to buy ! Let's do it now !!!!!!!!!!!
07.06.2019 kl 09:44 561

Fist resistance done, MA20 under the price, very good ! Now we approach to the MA200 2min chart, as soon when pass MA 200 we have to double our bid due a confirmation of the rally plus hedge fonds buying as crazy....
07.06.2019 kl 09:57 546

If the price go over 6.8 Kr MA200 you BUY BUY BUY if we still have push and increasing the green candles size... Good luck ! My friends
07.06.2019 kl 10:52 523

Ok, Guys you are doing very well, we passed two resistance line and we going for the third now ! The resistance is at 6.9 Kr that represent the Wednesday close price... it is important that we keep buying and no body sell at this point seriously ! Once we break that resistance the hedge fond should buy even more shares due we continuo buying so we induce the rally and get must of our losses back and continuo our up trend next week...
07.06.2019 kl 10:52 520

Ok, Guys you are doing very well, we passed two resistance line and we going for the third now ! The resistance is at 6.9 Kr that represent the Wednesday close price... it is important that we keep buying and no body sell at this point seriously ! Once we break that resistance the hedge fond should buy even more shares due we continuo buying so we induce the rally and get must of our losses back and continuo our up trend next week...
07.06.2019 kl 10:54 518

Keep buying and the ones no cash just hold while we work the price !
07.06.2019 kl 10:57 512

Here we go ! Everybody buying with the trend next resistance line at 6.9 Kr
07.06.2019 kl 11:08 490

At resistance ! Everybody to break it and go to the next at 7.2 Kr
07.06.2019 kl 11:34 478

While you guys take profits now is time to continuo ... Let's to overcome the next resistance line at 7.2 Kr without touch the break !!!! This is a weak resistance so no problem to continuo up... Approach the innerse that provide the hedge fond sue they are buying so keep on going.... ++++++++++++++++
07.06.2019 kl 12:39 462

Det er mye følelse! Guttene vil ikke gå på møblene! Hedgefond varsel Jeg kjøper sterkere mens jeg øker prisen mens mange kommer til å pakke ... Kjøp før du mister tilbudsprisen!
07.06.2019 kl 13:41 443

Short seller ! Remember that you don't get profits if you don't close your short sell option !!!! You lost at the moment 8 %, 12 % you will lost after 2 o' clock and so long next week... So take you profit before we rally up soon....
07.06.2019 kl 14:26 429

Do not underestimate the short broker, he still has shares to play and remember he bought back some today so we need to make him to close his short position to stimulate the rally... If we wait for something happen can happen the undesired so keep ongoing as planned 7.2 - 7.5 Kr
07.06.2019 kl 14:28 420

Red candle rejected ! Very good ... This happen when we set buy orders in the order book instead stop losses, If we use stop losses too close the short seller could wipe off our positions so more volume we are more safe so come on to help....
07.06.2019 kl 14:34 410

Remember they use a robot to linked to the OSEBX, this is for pure manipulation, every drop the manage to do we buy straight away so the robop desactivate !!!!! Keep strong Tuesday rally again....
07.06.2019 kl 15:03 394

klin klin klin klin ! I'm telling you, Don't use the OSBX to trade long ... It is garbage .... Full manipulate, ! If you are in a bullish stock and you see the price drop due the OSEBX you have the option to double the bid and buy all the fall.... In NEL this particular day after day manipulation procedure are util for the speculator to make you to sell your shares while they buy back for a lower price... Stocks like ARCHER and DOF the price sink day after day due this same manipulation, the stock open +2% close 0% and so long huge walls side to side for years and no body control them ... So NEL has volume, defend that ! If one day I see we lost volume due this kind of manipulation I sell straight away and avoid that... So that is way I focus to you guys understand this and protect your shares in a bullish stock like NEL....
07.06.2019 kl 15:48 356

7.2 Kr is our next resistance guys keep moving up !
07.06.2019 kl 16:21 328

10% only 1.5% more for the objective... Keep on going....
07.06.2019 kl 16:34 393

Takk for i dag, ha en god helg! På tirsdag går vi for de andre 10%, men vi må være villige til å gi krigen til megleren eseerculador! Jeg håper Jon Andre Løkke også vil ha nyheter på Twitter eller Oslo Børs.
08.06.2019 kl 14:07 350

Trump suspend sanctions to Mexico ! There is agreement ............. China coming soon !
08.06.2019 kl 14:12 344

1000 Hydrogen buses are planned for Europa by the consortium....
11.06.2019 kl 10:11 275

NEL is incredible ! People buying a lot after the sad incident ! Sadly this happened in Norway where people get panic and stress for nothing .... the price recovered 6 Kr and we continuo climbing to where the price is way over 7 Kr .... Nikolas orders are in it's ways and the world it will not change this rare insidend that smell to sabotage or bad tank from Praxair... Hopefully you guys have money on the table to buy at this opportunity price and help to the losses....
11.06.2019 kl 15:44 249

The broker could surprise with a rally before close....
12.06.2019 kl 09:58 198

All same sell your houses before is too late ! S&P 500 grow more than 16% this year in USA while in Norway Nacionals bid for the bankruptcy of their own Nacional industrie........
12.06.2019 kl 10:06 182

It is incredible how the short sellers,, hedge fonds and Banks decided the price for the stock ! Days before they said the price for NEL will be 5 Kr before the star buying back ! this only happen in Norway, it is better to say, We control the whole market, we put the price and we will put our short sellers specialist to make it possible ! it is not respect for the investors, for their money, for the company... Now I understand when many of my friends avoid me about mafias... Now I can see it...
12.06.2019 kl 11:18 156

Oslo (TDN Direkt): Etterforskningen av ulykken på hydrogenfyllestasjonen på Kjørbo kan fort ta noen måneder.
Det sier Rune Skjold, seksjonssjef i seksjon for økonomi og spesialetterforskning i Oslo Politidistrikt, til TDN Direkt onsdag.
- Vi har noen mulige hypoteser på hva som kan ha skjedd, men vi ønsker ikke gå ut med det, sier Skjold.
Han sier politiet har tatt tekniske undersøkelser, og samarbeider nå med direktoratet for sikkerhet og beredskap og har også en god dialog med eierne av stasjonen.
- Nå skal vi ta avhør, blant annet av de som kjenner til det tekniske ved slike stasjoner, og undersøke hva som har gått galt. Det pleier å ta relativt lang tid, når man skallage rapporter og konkludere. Det kan fort ta noen måneder. Vi vil ikke spekulere i mulige årsaker før det, sier Skjold.
Han sier politiet har god dialog med eierne av stasjonen.
- De bistår oss med det vi trenger, de er jo veldig interessert i å finne ut hva som har skjedd selv, sier Skjold.
Roger Hertzenberg, daglig leder for Hydrogen i Uno-X, sier de i går kveld fikk tilgang til anlegget igjen etter krimteknisk avdeling hadde vært på stedet.
- Vi bistår med alle ressurser for å finne årsakssammenhengen, sier han.

I hope they incluid in the investigation the market last movement in relation to NEL....