NEL 11.06.2019 kl 19:10 1466

Jon Andre Løkke has under his sleeve, the patent and prototype to produce hydrogen on demand without the necessity to storage a big volume of gas under pressure with the use of a Rotolyzer... This can produce on demand the hydrogen necessary to convert in electric energy and it doesn't take much space.... I believe he didn't want to release this invention yet due NEL need to modify the actually factory where produce the old Electrolyzer models.... Probably should be a good moment to unlatch the Rotolyzer....
11.06.2019 kl 20:01 1264

Dear investors and hopeful for a better world, our main enemy apart from the savage manipulation of the bankers and the liars of trades in this forum, is the abstinence! With the participation of all in the repurchase of this valuable action we will keep a high volume and believe that there is no manipulator that can against the high volume of purchases .... We can all raise the price of the stock to its level before all this symmetrical attack leaving more strengthened as well as encouraging the management to continue doing a good international job ....

Kan ikke forstå annet enn at Rotolyzer er mye tryggere enn oppbevaring i tank. Selvsagt kan også det gå galt, men konsekvensene blir høyst sannsynlig mye mindre.

Ska alltså rotolyzer rotera og producera exakt den mängd hydrogen du trenger under tiden du tankar?
11.06.2019 kl 20:19 1041

Percent % by percent % we will recovery and outstanding the NEL value... Look how in the rest of the world are calm the price recovery around 2% in hours ... I will tell you something, NEL is a Norwegian company ! MADE IN NORWAY and do you know what is trist ? Tha while the international market, fundations, government support the Hydrogen initiative, it is a NODMAN struggling with his same Nationals that are always sabotaging the NEL success... That give a lot to think... Anybody can make money in the stock market down trend and uptrend as well, why always the easy way, ahhhh let's to do scandal and the people run like rabbits , but I confident that the investors are changing at least I can see many in this foro... Be quiet is synonyms of do nothing same when you do nothing for the market the manipulators will destroy your nice Economy ! remember the oil is for 10 or max 20 years to be over so you teenegers much better personnel economy you will have if you support the industrie that one day will take over oil industry... So hopefully we can continuo trading instead buy and sell Norwegian potatoes futuros....
11.06.2019 kl 20:26 960

Yes ! The actual Electrolyzer use metal screens + and -, when make the electrolysis the microscopic Oxygen and hydrogen reduce the metal surface so that is why are not 100% efficient but the rotolyzer works as a centrifugal that increase it's performance... This rotolyzer can be made in multi stages increased drastically the H2 production....
11.06.2019 kl 20:32 889

1 to 2% per day 4 days per week in 3 months we get back our 40%... Without the oncoming rallies and controlling the manipulation... ;)

Huskar ikke specen men du må väl ha en massa rotolyzer i steg för att komma upp i 700 bar som behövs i biltankarna om du ska fylla för 60 mil.

Man får väl se på om det är kostnadseffektivt.

Jeg vill egentligen bort från de 700 bar i biltankarna för folk kommer inte våga åka hydrogenbil nu när vi vet tankarna exploderar.
11.06.2019 kl 20:50 781

Ikke mange ,bare en STOR en.
11.06.2019 kl 22:14 511

No pressure need it ! Rotolyzer produce Hydrogen on demand ! So it is producing while the hydrogen pack convert that hydrogen and oxygen in electricity that go direct to the electric motor... It produce pressure but the necessary to flow hydrogen into the cell converter... There are many videos in youtube that you can have a better picture...