Det er ikke noe merkelig med vaksineskepsis og vaksinemotstand

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For 30 år siden, produserte GlaxoSmithKline en MMR-vaksine.

Idag er Merck verdens eneste produsent av MMR.

The Telegraph:

"Vaccine officials knew about MMR risks

By Mark Watts and Christopher Hope

05 MAR 2007.

Government officials were made aware of some problems with a version of the MMR vaccine in other countries but still introduced it in Britain in the late 1980s, newly released documents show.

The MMR vaccine with the Urabe strain of mumps was first used in Britain in October 1988. It was blamed for the deaths of several children after being withdrawn by the Department of Health in September 1992.

Previously confidential documents released under the Freedom of Information Act show how officials gradually learned of the dangers of the Urabe strain MMR which caused encephalitis-type condition, including meningitis, including swelling of the brain or of the lining of the brain or spinal chord, they can lead to brain damage, deafness or even death.

The papers show that many months before the Urabe MMR vaccine was introduced in the UK, officials were made aware of problems in America, Sweden and Canada.

The minutes of another meeting of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunology in May 1990, show that there was "especial concern" about "reports from Japan of a high level of meningoencephalitis associated with the administration of MMR."

The government waited another two years before it decided to stop using the MMR in 1992, after the manufacturer told officials that they would stop making it.

It was replaced with MMR II, which has a different mumps component."

Og restlager ble sendt blant annet til Brasil ?.

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