NEL 13.06.2019 kl 14:59 8303

My friend i just talk to my friend in one of the hedge funds ... They are struggling in this moment to buy, they can't buy straight away due the price can rally to the sky so they will lost millions of krones.... So the use their machinery to buy at counter drop while use the robots to cicle the price.... That means we are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... We have to buy aggressive now and make them to release the price... Everybody buying now before the rally ... They can't container this Bullish wave............
13.06.2019 kl 15:04 5521

The price go like a car in the first gear with the handbrake on ! I highly recommend to use this strategy ! The hedge funds as specialist and experts in manipulation they need to control the rally so I put buy orders 2 to 5 % before the price so if they come with a flash drop I can buy more shares, the probably can do that but they will no stop the trend....
13.06.2019 kl 15:08 5429

It will be very hard to buyback 26.700.000 of shares Mrs Hedges .... Hahahahaha... Short sell are a very risky activity ... They can loss up infinity not limit ! Do you know that ?
13.06.2019 kl 15:14 5325

Opportunity to buy no matter the manipulation they used to change the price ! They have millions of shares that the have to put back in the market I'm not sure how much they paid for that ! But I'm sure that every share they attempt to sell under maket manipulation it is a huge opportunity to buy... All those shares should back to the market straight away but the can't will bankruptcy if they do it. that is why the will manipulate ... So roll the ball so the investors don't fall in the trap....
13.06.2019 kl 16:10 5190

No regrets for tomorrow ! The chance to buy is almost done !!!!!
13.06.2019 kl 16:11 5150

I believe that the algorithmic robot is around to melt .... Shopping time............++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
13.06.2019 kl 16:13 5110

This will be a interesting post market .... :) Luckie the ones got his shares before the war....
13.06.2019 kl 17:28 4941

Guys I will give you a tip to become crazy the algorithm robot so we can have a huge rally without stop ! Tomorrow is obvious that the price will rally with a gap in the opening hours, you can see in tradegate that the price rally after norwegian hours, what is a way to stop the robot manipulation is everybody can set a buy order just before the price in differents levels... For example the price closed in 5.8 Kr we can use 5.75, 5.78, 5.80, 5.82 Kr and so long doing this the robot don't make reverses Easy money ! Money from manipulators pockets....
Redigert 13.06.2019 kl 17:31 Du må logge inn for å svare
14.06.2019 kl 00:44 4826

7.5 Kr tomorrow in the first 15 min ? Or the hedges will try a suicide Dead CAT ? If they tray to manipulate the price selling some more shares if they have left, we should be ready with our pre set limit orders to absorb the Cat and take more bullish pullback with more shares in our portfolio... ;)
14.06.2019 kl 08:50 4368

MA 8 over MA 20 Go Long !!!! If both MA 8 and MA 20 are over MA 200, you have confirmation of a Uptrend so we must to go Long ... This is the must basic thing to follow... Who don't understand this and only follow manipulation, the best is to quit.... 7.5 Kr is expected today... Be aware of hedges manipulation so any drop invest double to fill the red candle ... Follow the three MA ... Good luck my long traders....
14.06.2019 kl 09:25 4257

The Hedges has interchanged today shares as a last chance to manipulate the market, so now start the slowly Buyback shares.... The trend will take it up trend after the volatile... While the volatile take a chance for bottom fishing.... Price is expected over 7 Kr today...
14.06.2019 kl 09:39 4169

Watch the overall trend ! We go good !!!! It is a bit struggling due the huge amount of shares that the Hedges need to get profit on that, the can't buyback with loses ... But they are only 5 or 10 traders against thousands of investors that believe in NEL, we can all together give them the battle buying now in a every drop... Do not sell .... Hold if you don't have money to invest... Be patient Nikolas news should be today, Jon Andre is with us guys... ;)
14.06.2019 kl 09:52 4098

After the volatile interchanger, the investor approach to set their positions, investors understand the balance has changed to our favor after the last news, if the price has not retrive to its high point now is doing the hedges funds bit all together we will make them to buy when we keep buying at market price....
14.06.2019 kl 09:54 4065

Are you mentally retarded? Please stop having this monologue with yourself.
14.06.2019 kl 09:55 4057

Traders a good guidance to know when to buy.... Please open the MA8 in a 2 min chart and we have to try be swimming over this line.... If the price drop under the MA8 we buy straigt away... The institutions are doing so we follow that strategy....
14.06.2019 kl 10:09 3992

Over MA 8 We doing good
Under MA 8 We buy
If the price are close to the MA 20 we increase the bid
If the price touch the MA 200 triple bid
This is taken in consideration that this both indicators are over the MA 200
Also count how many green candles we have in the last 30 min in compare to the red candles, NOTE every oversize candle is 2 times a small one...

Keep on going in this battle in a short period the Hedges are over sold....
Redigert 14.06.2019 kl 10:11 Du må logge inn for å svare
14.06.2019 kl 10:17 3934

You are on MA200 buy now !
14.06.2019 kl 10:22 3886

MA 8 is to close the MA 20 we don't want that, we hold and not do trading at this point until we get mor distance up to keep the stock healthy and the Hedge fund limited.... How we do it, buying at market order anu way the price is too low under 6 Kr is crazy
14.06.2019 kl 10:26 3846

Buy buy buy this red candle, this is the hedge go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14.06.2019 kl 10:31 3799

All remember there are two differences between real investors that could sell or a hedge fund with 30.000.000 shares for manipulate de price.... We are thousands or more than 1.000.000 investors that want the NEL price grow, so if everybody set a buy market order against those Hedges manipulators, we broke them.... An the price will take control buy the real investors....
14.06.2019 kl 10:36 3750

30.000.000 of shares is only 1000 new shares invested by 30.000 investors !!!! Really don't you understand that ? The speculation take live when move around weakness, just think about that....
Redigert 14.06.2019 kl 10:41 Du må logge inn for å svare
14.06.2019 kl 12:06 3611

Patient and Hold ! This battle is against the same diablo ! The Hedges has a huge volume of NEL shares that can sell even if they lost for a couple hours to make the rest of the population believe that something go wrong when is not ! So I encourage to be patient and give the battle to the short sellers that the only vision is to own the company with a low price for get profits letter on....
14.06.2019 kl 12:12 3580

Many of the short sellers they have bought here after the wild short manipulation, now they recommend to buy in AXA to do the same... Terrible is like a hurricane where they pass live destruction so we build again from the ashes... But that is fine much of us believe in God so God is with you, manipulators has short legs they don't going further until smash them self....
Redigert 14.06.2019 kl 12:12 Du må logge inn for å svare
14.06.2019 kl 12:24 3542

If we take a look to the 6 month chart we can see the doshi candle that indicate our reverse... It is as I said be patient for the News that will trigger the price... I encourage to contact NEL for release more information regarding to the new advances worldwide...
14.06.2019 kl 12:40 3466

While Nacionals attack their Nationals company, NEL is working and doing the best world wide... We keep growing in this top market...
14.06.2019 kl 13:53 3322

I has not be easy after lost 50% of my whole NEL portfolio, I never sell a single share because i understand and know the potential for NEL, Today escenario is that we have two Hedges that work for short the price, they loan the shares to somebody and he has being selling approaching the incident, but after the investigation they found the main NEL equipment intact ! So what happen now, well these two Hedges funds has control of the market and few investor with less capital can't alone against these to speculators... All of us could stop it this but or people do not have money, they are still afraid or waiting to see when the hedges use all it's shares.... So sorry I can't help more than hold and wait to the hedges stop and release the market to the people... The last shares lone was made 12.06.2019, we will see if it is the last one or they will continuo destroying our actives... NEL has to release and keep working, the competency is wild there outside, and Nationals sadly put more wood to the fire instead help... We will wait an see it...
Redigert 14.06.2019 kl 13:55 Du må logge inn for å svare

Ingen nevner SPAM i denne tråden. Den er 100% spam.

14.06.2019 kl 14:01 3267

Er vel ikke spam når du har en tråd der du svarer på dine egne innlegg HELE tiden...………
Men noen liker jo og snakke med seg selv.....Ruperto alså
Redigert 14.06.2019 kl 14:02 Du må logge inn for å svare
14.06.2019 kl 14:07 3235

Merkelig hvorfor den Rupert skriver engelsk med så dårlig språk og han ikke er en fake burde han heller skrive på moderspråket og vi bruker Google translate....
14.06.2019 kl 14:15 3218

It is the AUT translation, sorry for that ... But I believe you understand ;)
14.06.2019 kl 14:17 3207

The activity start again ! Probably hedges are finally over sold....
14.06.2019 kl 14:28 3169

In 30 years investing in the markets of the USA, according to the technical indicators, Fundamentals, and the potential of the company of o Kr loan! With should take the Up trend again without problem ..... If we are not manipulated for another hedges ....
14.06.2019 kl 14:30 3156

Sadly I don't have more cash available for today ! In this moment i should be buying more shares :( But tomorrow I will have :)
14.06.2019 kl 14:37 3123

If you guys have money I will be thinking to jump into the train....
14.06.2019 kl 14:59 3070

Jeg håper det finnes nok investorer med is i magen....
14.06.2019 kl 15:06 3059

Historien for hydrogen har jo vært ganske god. Og husk på at bensinbiler også kan brenne.
14.06.2019 kl 15:41 3007

Free of blame but not of shorters..
The pattern late today signal indecision and the breakout went down. Bearish..
Redigert 14.06.2019 kl 15:44 Du må logge inn for å svare