NEL 13.06.2019 kl 14:59 8568

My friend i just talk to my friend in one of the hedge funds ... They are struggling in this moment to buy, they can't buy straight away due the price can rally to the sky so they will lost millions of krones.... So the use their machinery to buy at counter drop while use the robots to cicle the price.... That means we are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... We have to buy aggressive now and make them to release the price... Everybody buying now before the rally ... They can't container this Bullish wave............
17.06.2019 kl 15:48 2343

MA200 has been increasing giving a clear indication of the trend power.... the price continuo panipulate for the hedges but they are no strong as before in the middle of the panic, investor start securing position and probably many others waiting for news....
17.06.2019 kl 16:48 2245

2,34% up in not too bad for a stock wild manipulate for the hedges funds... It is obvious the buyer intention and it is these new buyers whose can keep the speculators on the support line... I hope Jon Andre Løkke cose this partner case and focus in the new deliveries... The competency are wild and we can't be doing Praxair investigations... So the market raging up while we still enfrasques to a insulate case....
17.06.2019 kl 16:53 2211

You do realize that NEL is traded for 3-400 MNOK every day, and that what you write here has no effect on the price what so ever?
17.06.2019 kl 17:43 2164

Ruperto - I am not sure what language you are speaking originally, but many of your Google translations to English make no sense. So, actually - we do not understand. You should spend some more time to ensure that what you write is understandable before you press OK.

Your threads are just long monologues where you do 99% of the writing. We all understand that you are very enthusiastic about the NEL stock, but please take a little break, sit back and maybe just observe for a while. Then pick carefully what you would like to comment on. We are supposed to have discussions, not revival meetings.

Otherwise, people will just get annoyed, and not care about anything you write.
17.06.2019 kl 19:53 1975

One of the best trader of US only has elementary schools and has more money than all the savins in this foro ! I don't think you don't understand, it is very weird, but sorry for that ! Any way I don't believe that is so important the grammar when we mind in market... Any way I promises you I will not write that much if i see a honest and balanced opinion in this foro... It is wild the manipulation and sadly the manipulators are very professional to lie to the people while the people era very quite, i know many people are smart and don't fall in the trap but there are many amateurs that when read SELL run in panic and sell without knos what is going on.... It is not a secret what has being happening since the price drop fro 9.3 Kr wild manipulation, top investors as well in the same look, 3 short orders ready approved for the referee even before the incident... People has money in here, I have money in here, I'm tired that some people feel free to play with the investors having full control on the market price... But hopefully the Germans realized the game and approach buying massive amount of shares... if is not for them we could have another DOF or Archer but is not going to happen !!!! Who wants to make money in 2 or 3 years can seat in here but we can't let the brokers to play with the price for 5, 15, 20 years at 6 or 10 Kr while others hydrogen companies are valued in $$$$, ££££ and Euros... Please leave the market run naturally NOK ER NOK ! Did you know what happened a 10:26 today ? A wipe off the stop loses ending in a flash rally, double coupon !!!!! Lukie i knew they do that so I got extra shares... is like the flash crash 2010 when a trader or broker manipulate the market filling the order book and disappear to drop the price.... But people don't realize that when they do that is because want to get our shares, so I don't care my gramma I care my money and the people that keep volume in the market.... 100% against manipulation...
Redigert 17.06.2019 kl 20:09 Du må logge inn for å svare
17.06.2019 kl 20:13 1916

One of my short sellers neighbor it was angry because a blackout in Nordnet ! Well I told him make a phone call in the morning and put a buy order before you lose all your money.... ;) The germans are very serious to buy NEL at this stupid price and we can see in Tradegate.... Thanks Germans !!!!!
Redigert 17.06.2019 kl 20:14 Du må logge inn for å svare
17.06.2019 kl 20:20 1887

Tiger´n, kan ikke du gå tilbake til å kjabbe å prate på norsk som i gamle dager, nesten greiere det....
17.06.2019 kl 20:29 1870

Tomorrow I will put money in BULL NEL DNM ! With the profits i will make in there I will reinvest in NEL new shares.... 3 to 4 years I will help some people, buy my Yate, mi villa in Alicante and my new Gulfstream G550...
17.06.2019 kl 20:43 1836

I'm really wonder where is Tiggeren, I hope he is ok... I know he invest a lot of money in NEL, I can imagine if the price falled around 50% is not easy because he is like me, we invest in only one direction " Forward " but I managed to average my price buying at 4,5 Kr ... Did you know that pullback ? Was part of my bid 35% of my whole Nel portafolio in new shares... Today are 1,5 Kr profit per share... People do intraday paying huge broker feed for only 0,010 cts need 100.000 kr per trade to see only 1.000 kr... Crazy.... Buy in the fall, put your buy orders instead stop loses, I believe in NEL, I understand how works, i know the Rotorazer, I know Hydrogen will take over the oil in a short period otherwise we will will the planet.... Take emotion dream high !!!! 5.98 Kr it is funny a company that will cost 200 Kr or even more after we have thousands of hydrogen surtidores... only the intake for maintenance it will give us plenty dividends... This is the biggest opportunity to invest, I'm very sure about that....
Redigert 17.06.2019 kl 20:47 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.06.2019 kl 08:49 1689

Good morning !
I hope to continue contributing for this foro... I'm sorry for my English since i struggling to learn Norwegian, but I do the best to be objective in relation of many factors around the price in this stock.... For example we can't talk that NEL do not produce money when actually we are collecting money to cover a growing demand, or we can't not say that people were selling when i see the unfair shares movement from two top investors into another hands that ended in a hedges funds... We need to go around before follow what the people says, never never believe what the people says because everyone talk by their our our personal interest..... I will reduce my intervention since the short sellers contra atack and are very angry... But please don't be quite, read the international news, post in here, comment and correct any lie... The lie can move the stock price when the price is in balance so protect your side with the most honest manner....
18.06.2019 kl 08:53 1653

Tradegate close yesterday with + 5,6 %, today has open in positive as well around 1,57 % ... I believe we continuo our trend over 6 Kr, there are a lot steps to climb since two weeks of excessive fall, we need to recovery our positions while we help NEL and Jon Andre Løkke to continue with our company....
18.06.2019 kl 08:58 1622

Sorry but i think we are going down to the ground to day. The short is not finish and nothings new, just bad news.. :(
18.06.2019 kl 09:34 1558

..lower lows.. not good
18.06.2019 kl 09:44 1525

The Germans are buying while Norwegian sell ! That is the escenario, I think the best is that German take control of the shares, they own 25% already there is not panic in there and they are optimists, but of course if Norwegians want to throw their shares they will be pleasure to pickup them .... Be patient and keep securing positions same as Germans do, buy during discont time is smart....
18.06.2019 kl 09:47 1518

Be calm ! you know how this works... Price don't move by public in this moment actually I don't believe people selling, they start to figure out how the manipulation works to take public shares... Be patient....
18.06.2019 kl 09:50 1492

Hei, Nel aksjonærer behøver da ikke "forgifte" Olje og energi nå når dere har fåt egen oppstartsside!
18.06.2019 kl 10:07 1439

The german bought another thousands of new shares... Look the last Elephant green candle ! Bigger that the minuscule red candle, so small red candle are insignificant sellers while big green candles come from the ones will move the market later on.... In 30 years I fallow this strategy ! If you want to sell is not problem, it is insignificant....
18.06.2019 kl 10:33 1394

All prepare for the Up-trend ! I will surfing over the MA9 .... Highly recommended to straightener the uptrend....
18.06.2019 kl 10:47 1369

Wipe off the stop loses, this will rally soon.... The cat play with the small mouses...
Redigert 18.06.2019 kl 10:49 Du må logge inn for å svare

Spam, spam og spam.

Snakker du med deg selv?

18.06.2019 kl 10:57 1348

Dont belive it less good news. You do trading short term, not fundamental long.
18.06.2019 kl 11:25 1287

PDP and MARSHALL has problem to buy the NEL position as a lower price, as we can see in this web page bouth has the loan still active from 12.06.2012, no more short shares ! Not more fall !... That means probably they will back to purchase the rest of the shares to close their options before the price rally....
18.06.2019 kl 11:36 1270

5,8 Kr are our stronger resistance represented buy the MA200 week chart, price under this point is a purchase with the eyes close.... During this drop due few buy positions in the order book could detect purchases over 50.000 shares, this is what I coming telling you, be patient that the people that move the market are buying... Do not sell to them so they don't reverse the trend.... We should get news regarding our operations... Be patient...
Redigert 18.06.2019 kl 11:37 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.06.2019 kl 12:25 1205

Ruperto, you have to stop! The more you write, the more is the stock sinking! 🙏
18.06.2019 kl 12:49 1155

It is not sinking ! Watch the historical chart since last Wednesday .... Look the MA200 how we have it consolidated in 5,75 Kr as strong resistance... Remember that we have two hedges with 30.000.000 of shares that they being selling and manipulating the price and even with that amount they couldn't due Germans are buying... Just wait for the Tradegate to rally up, then Norsk market will not have options to stick to the Germans price.... All this period has being accumulating shares so be calm and buy as well....
Redigert 18.06.2019 kl 12:50 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.06.2019 kl 13:14 1115

Its not sinking ???

Now its been under 5,75 and the trend is down.

For the most part, traders and shorter steers the course now.
18.06.2019 kl 13:15 1107

..much of the optimism is gone now
18.06.2019 kl 13:29 1086

You thing as amatteur ! Be patient ... I have 30 years of experience, I know how this works, we control nothing ! Never any short seller or long buyer control nothing in here.... I don't know what tool you use... You have to see is when the big boys buy, not the small sell amount that can be sells by the same buyer that buy later on... Be patient, no panic...
Redigert 18.06.2019 kl 13:30 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.06.2019 kl 14:02 1052

Youre strategy is NOT mine, its not about amatteur fool.
18.06.2019 kl 14:07 1046

I'm not a intraday trader... intraday traders works for the brokers pockets ... In this business has to understand what the big boys are doing... I know what they are doing ... Clearance Bank in Germany has already 25% of the whole participation, the rest under 5% , the germans are buying at this price so every thing is going fine... Just wait for Nikolas pay check and more contracts....
Redigert 18.06.2019 kl 14:08 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.06.2019 kl 14:21 1025

Imaging if the stock it will down or rally up the price for ever ? Everybody would be short or long for ever and win all the time, but is not that easy !!!! For somebody make a sell trade, need somebody else that buy for that price... NEL drop 50% don't forget that, that means we have more probabilities that the price back to it's initial price than to fall all the way down... Do you think the people that bought over 6 Kr will sell at 5 Kr ? That it will not happen with NEL, remember Hydrogen forecast, no in Norway, world wide ... More than 1000 % in 4 to 5 years.... People think that a tank leak that explode will stop this huge market... Besin still explode at least one bensin station per day in the world... So Germans know that, I know that... So i wait here and buy retails ....
Redigert 18.06.2019 kl 14:27 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.06.2019 kl 14:47 1004

There are many factors to consider. It is not just buying and buying without taking into account fundamental conditions and public safety and popularity. It's an uncertain and complicated technology to get to work, maybe too difficult and to complicated for NEL.
Redigert 18.06.2019 kl 14:48 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.06.2019 kl 15:01 1000

AksjeRik see 80% of the people want to have NEL ! That is a fact... But as I told you the market is manipulated for 2 Hedges funds control the price, of course people stop to buy a bit due a explosion, that is something that for the people that don't understand the circumstances that is fine... But I can garantie must of the NEL investors are holding their positions and many are buying as I do every time I have the chance and the money available.... The manipulation is not going to be for ever, just wait that star coming new contracts and new electrolyzers orders to see the price rally again .... just take in this way, too easy, people sell due panic, so who are thinking you are buying those shares ? has to be a buyer to do a trad or not ? The public ? No... The Banks, Brokers, Hedges, Rich people... This is the game, Rally, scandall, selling, accumulating, rally again... Now we are accumulating shares because the price drop too much 50% ... we will sell probably in the next bubble when the price get far away from the MA200 15 Kr or 20 Kr
Redigert 18.06.2019 kl 15:05 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.06.2019 kl 15:08 988

Sadly i don't have more cash to buy at this price, but any to have a chance will make around 0,70 to 0,90 before the market close...


It is not certain that hydrogen technology has the right to live. This technology i believe can be difficult to implement with regard to full security and human vulnerability and human errors taken into consideration. There are no large error margins before things go very wrong and it may be that it becomes too uncertain, too complicated and difficult for the technology even in today's high-tech world.

It is such a complex, frangible and dangerous technology to have close to humanety i think .