NOM!!!!!!!!! Nordic Mining has finalized the major test programs

Nordic Mining has finalized the major test programs for the definitive
feasibility study including process optimization and ore variability testing at
IHC-Robbins in Australia. A repeatability demonstration program confirming that
the flow sheet can be replicated at a different metallurgical facility has also
been completed.
The metallurgical test work programs demonstrate that Nordic Mining is able to
produce rutile and garnet concentrates from the different ore types that meet
strict market requirements.
The test work results support the design parameters which is currently at the
engineering stage. The design parameters drive the detailed mine optimization
and specification of equipment sizing. The mining plan will include a stockpile
strategy for increased resource utilization.
Based on the design parameter, requests for quotations are issued in the market
to firm up the capex estimates in the definitive feasibility study. The major
amounts of requests have been issued over the last months and feedback from
potential equipment suppliers has been good. Requests for quotations for the key
construction contracts will be issued in the near future.

Nordic Minings CEO, Ivar S. Fossum comments The test work proved to be more
challenging than initially anticipated, particularly in relation to the
performance of garnet yields and particle size distributions. The Barton Group
has been a solid and supportive partner in enabling successful optimization of
the garnet processing and in demonstrating quality of the products to be
produced from Engebø.
For questions please contact Project Manager Engebø, Kenneth A. Nakken, at +47
9264 0645.

Oslo, 26 June 2019
Nordic Mining ASA

er vel redsel for emisjon som rir denne aksjen. Får se om den reagerer i morgen når Naustdal Kommune godkjenner detaljreguleringsplanen.
Boss 99
26.06.2019 kl 13:37 1965

Ja vi får se i morgen om det blir likar da? Vet ikke om de aksje som sto på den shorter liseten er bort . Eller om det er de de sliter med nå, uten å gruse kursen.
26.06.2019 kl 18:08 1773

Firda skriver da blir utsetting i avgjørelse imorgen på grunn av trussel om erstatning
Boss 99
26.06.2019 kl 19:25 1673

Trusseler bør meldes til politiet.
Boss 99
28.06.2019 kl 14:09 1244

Steike stille i fjøset. Er alle døde eller dritings. Eller er SVer tatt over at.