Tomra - 'Game-changer' Braksuksess i Australia!

Tomra er et usedvanlig visjonært selskap som lykkes med alt man driver med og er soleklar global markedsleder innen alle selskapets forretningsområder som på toppen av det hele i dag er ekstreme megatrender...!

I dag kommer nyheten om at selskapets heleide og opererte pantesystem "Return and Earn" i New South Wales, Australia har nådd en ny milepæl, mye tidligere enn forventet!


'Game-changer': NSW scheme collects 2 billion containers in 19 months

Peter Hannam
By Peter Hannam
July 1, 2019 — 6.00pm

NSW's recycling industry is hailing the success of the Berejiklian government's container deposit scheme, with two billion bottles and cans collected in the first 19 months, easily beating expectations.

The milestone was expected to be passed on Monday, with the latest tally for the Return and Earn scheme put at 1.9999 billion drinks containers with about 4 million of them being handed in each day.

The 10-cent collection scheme took a year to reach 1 billion containers and just seven months to add another. Instead of bringing in 1.2-1.3 billion units in 2019 alone, the figure is likely to be closer to 1.8 billion containers, according to David Clancy, general manager for solid waste at Cleanaway.

"It's greater than our expectations," Mr Clancy said, adding collections were now approaching half of all eligible drinks sold. The three billion mark is likely to be crossed before the year's end.

Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean said early critics of the scheme "have been totally silenced", with some 645 collection points now in place across NSW.

"It's been a phenomenal success," he said.

About one in two adults in NSW have participated in the scheme, reducing the amount of containers reaching landfill by about 57 per cent.

"It's great because it's reducing litter out of the streets and it’s also going back into the economy to produce new goods,” Mr Kean said. "It's the single biggest litter reduction initiative in the state's history."

The Tomra Cleanaway joint venture at Eastern Creek alone employs 22 staff on its seven days a week roster, with another 200 drivers alone required to collect the waste.

All up, the scheme has generated about 500 jobs in the recycling industry - although more could be generated if the aluminium cans were recycled in the country rather than exported to Asia and Europe.

Recycling such cans can use just 5 to 10 per cent of the energy needed to mine bauxite and make aluminium from scratch, Cleanaway staff said.

Mr Kean said there was scope for a national plan for drink container collection, noting that Victoria has yet to commit to any such scheme.
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Er også på sin plass her å minne om at helt nytt pantesystem skal være oppe og gå i delstaten Western Australia tidlig i 2020. Er neppe tvil om at Tomra er veldig aktuell når kontraktene nå snart skal tildeles.
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P/e 50 med en vekst på 11/12%=galskap

Mange nye nick som kun forteller oss at aksjen er for dyr nå ved inngangen til sommerferien... Under shortangrepet i fjor sommer økte jeg beholdingen med 25%. Sitter fortsatt på alle aksjene og tenker som Roger Berntsen å bli sittende her i et 10 - 20 års perspektiv.
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Vi kan altså lese om Tomras pantesuksess i New South Wales i trådstart, men ifølge storavisen Sydney Morning Herald, på lederplass, er det fortsatt mye å ta tak i når det gjelder (den manglende) håndteringen av blandet plastavfall i delstaten. Godt da å vite for Tomras aksjonærer og ansvarlige delstatsmyndigheter at Tomra allerede er veldig tilstede i delstaten og besitter den globalt klart ledende sorteringsteknologien for resirkulering (av blandet plastavfall).


NSW must press ahead in fight on plastic waste

July 2, 2019 — 12.00am

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean’s pledge to develop a “comprehensive” plan to deal with plastic waste is welcome but the state has a lot more to do.

The case for reducing the amount of plastic we throw away is overwhelming. Plastic waste is seeping into the waterways, gradually turning tracts of our oceans into polymer sludge, filling the stomachs of fish with cling wrap and perhaps contaminating the water we drink.

Yet progress in reducing plastic waste has been painfully slow. Australia still produced about 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste in 2014-15, according to a Senate inquiry into the waste and recycling industry last year.

The amount has been falling as companies have caved in to pressure to reduce packaging and councils limit bin size but the problem is still enormous and only about 14 per cent of plastic waste was recycled in that year.

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Cleanaway kicking goals for green investors

Jules Woodward | July 2, 2019 |

Tomra eier og opererer sine pantesentre i delstatene New South Wales og Queensland i Australia. I New South Wales eier og opererer Tomra hele pantesystemet ("Return and Earn") mens man i Queensland eier og opererer de store resirkuleringssentrene (8 pantemaskiner eller flere i hvert senter) i de tettest befolkede områdene i delstaten, i pantesystemet "Containers for Change". Tomra godtgjøres pr. enhet som samles inn gjennom selskapets pantemaskiner. CEO Stefan Ranstrand uttalte under Q2 2019 i juli at Tomra er strålende fornøyd med utviklingen i Australia, og nå kommer tall som forteller at også "Containers for Change" i Queensland overgår alle forventninger.

Politics SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 8:31 AM

800 million containers now returned through Containers for Change

Queensland’s Container Refund Scheme, Containers for Change, continues to exceed all expectations and is celebrating another major milestone this week, with 800 million containers returned in just 10 months.

Minister for Environment Leeanne Enoch said this milestone was reached while Parliament was sitting in Townsville this week.

“We know Townsville residents care about recycling because of the amazing results we’ve seen through the scheme, with more than 59 million containers in this region alone, including more than 6.4 million in just the month of August,” she said.

Member for Mundingburra Coralee O’Rourke said the scheme had also created jobs in the Townsville region.

“Containers for Change has created 44 full-time equivalent jobs in Townsville – jobs which did not exist before our scheme commenced,” she said.

“It’s also fantastic to see so many residents, schools and community groups getting on board with the scheme.

“And this number continues to grow, as we’re seeing here today at Aitkenvale State School, who have seen the incredible opportunity this scheme provides.

“Not only is this scheme providing refunds to individuals, it is also providing a vital revenue scheme for local charities and community groups.”

Aitkenvale State School are collecting containers to help fund school council initiatives, such as school camps and graduations.

Principal Keith Poulter said the scheme provided a good opportunity to encourage students to reduce littering.

“We have students who go around at lunch time collecting poppers and other eligible containers that would otherwise have ended up in landfill,” Mr Poulter said.

“The students themselves will decide how to spend the money they raise by recycling the containers, providing another learning opportunity.”

The school has its own collection bin, where the school community can deposit their containers, which are then taken to the Reef Recycling and Logistics depot. All proceeds go back to the school.

Reef Recycling & Logistics Operations Manager Heather Stratton said the response from the community has been overwhelming.

“The scheme is a great way for schools and community groups to raise money while reducing litter, and it is always nice to see students participating in the scheme,” Ms Stratton said.

Mrs O’Rourke said Reef Recycling & Logistics was a fantastic local business, that was providing job opportunities to people who were long-term unemployed, or those that have a disability.

“The work Reef Recycling & Logistics do as part of the Townsville community demonstrates the significant social benefits the scheme brings,” she said.

“They also sponsor local events such as the Castle Hill Fun Run, support several local charities and also collect bottle caps from their refund points to help not-for-profit organisation, Lids for Kids, who give the caps to charity partners to recycle into prosthetic limbs for children.”

Minister Enoch said across Queensland, the container refund scheme had helped reduce litter in the environment by about 35%.

“With more than 800 million containers now returned across the state, this means $80 million has been refunded to individuals and families, charities and community organisations,” she said.
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En fersk brukeundersøkelse viser at innbyggerne i New South Wales har omfavnet pantesystemet "Return and Earn" som eies og opereres av Tomra. Det er mindre enn to år siden systemet gikk live, og Tomras JV-partner Cleanway hvis rolle er å hente og tømme flasker og bokser fra pantemaskinene, forteller at suksessen til "Return and Earn" har overgått alle forventninger med klar margin.

Return and Earn consumer research released

September 13, 2019 by Waste Management Review

According to recent Return and Earn consumer research, eight out of 10 residents are satisfied with the New South Wales container deposit scheme (CDS), and over two-thirds believe it contributes to long-term recycling outcomes for the state.

TOMRA Cleanaway CEO James Dorney applauded the New South Wales community for their role in the scheme’s success.

“The success of the scheme is a testament to the incredible efforts of the NSW community who in July, returned and earned more than two billion containers in just 19 months since the scheme began,” Mr Dorney said.

“The survey showed that more than half of NSW residents are using the scheme, which in turn demonstrates how easy access to drop-off points and a well-planned network of collections and recovery infrastructure are critical to the success of any recycling system.”

According to the survey, 55 per cent of the New South Wales population have used the scheme, up from 48 per cent in December 2018.

Additionally, the survey showed that 78 per cent believe the scheme will benefit the environment.

Cleanaway Solid Waste General Manager David Clancy said the scheme had far exceeded expectations, reaching one billion containers in a year and two billion in 19 months.

Mr Clancy estimates that Return and Earn is likely to hit three billion containers before the end of 2019, accounting for almost half of all beverage containers sold in the state.

“Container deposit or refund schemes incentivise customers to return their drink containers to collection points in exchange for a refund,” Mr Clancy said.

“They are a perfect example of delivering on the triple bottom line of sustainability – there’s less litter in the environment, refunds can be used to benefit local community groups, associations and charities, and finally recycled containers become a part of the circular economy, extending the use of existing materials while reducing reliance on natural resources.”

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Du er en fantastisk kilde med nyheter rundt verdens kanskje fremste selskap. Et selskap med verktøy for en renere verden, en verden vi alle ikke tar helt inn over oss i verste konsekvens.
Stå på og ha en riktig god helg.

Takk for hyggelige ord wwbwb. Ja, Tomra ER Norges superselskap, og det er for meg helt ubegripelig at selskapet ikke omfattes med større interesse og vekker mer entusiasme i eget rike. Denne fredagen er dagen for "California dreamin'". :) Du og andre som følger med, vet hva jeg sikter til, og går det ikke i dag, går det ved neste korsvei. Dette er irreversibelt nå, globalt. God helg. :)
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