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«It’s also 20 years since the formation of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, one of the world’s largest institutions pushing the development of fuel cell technology. With its 2030 Vision programme, it aims to get 1,000,000 fuel cell vehicles on California roads along with 1000 hydrogen filling stations by 2030. Maybe then, the fuel cell ball will really start rolling.»
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«The European Commission should create an EU-wide market for hydrogen “as soon as possible” rather than wait for renewable energy-based varieties to be commercially available, a top Dutch ministerial envoy has said»

En liten morsom sak:
Vi vet droner vil komme og vi vet droner som skal frakta ting vil komme. Kan dette åpne opp for ett kjempemarked for hydrogen?
Selv om dette er en "leke" vil droner av størrelse komme. Jeg tviler sterkt på batteri drevne droner men om de får til hydrogen versjoner vil jo dette øke operasjonstiden betraktelig. Droner vil ta over mye innen transport og gjøre verden om til riktitg Sci-fi :)
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Global Hydrogen Electrolyzer Market 2019 – Nel Hydrogen, McPhy, Hydrogenics

The global Hydrogen Electrolyzer market report offers clear-cut information about the key business-giants Nel Hydrogen, McPhy, Hydrogenics, Tianjin Mainland Hydrogen Equipment, Giner, Siemens, Areva H2Gen, GreenHydrogen, Igas, Accagen, Next Hydrogen challenging with each other in the Hydrogen Electrolyzer market in terms of demand, sales, revenue generation, reliable products development, giving best services, and also post-sale processes at the global level.

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Global Electrolyzer Market Outlook 2019-2025 : Proton On-Site, 718th Research Institute of CSIC, Teledyne Energy Systems

The Global Electrolyzer Market report contains data regarding CAGR forecasts and key parameters such as yearly market growth in order to have complete statistics about the future of the market worldwide. It also assists in showing the extensive scope that will open up for the market. The research encompasses various factors about the Electrolyzer market such as its popularity in the global market, segmentation, current trends that are being followed, technological advancements, and future forecasts. As per the world economic growth rate of the past four years, market size is estimated from xxx million $ in 2015 to xxx million $ in 2018. The Electrolyzer Market is expected to exceed more than US$ xxx million by 2023 at a CAGR of xx% in the given forecast period.