QEC-encouraging news for both Alberta and our nation as a whole

Good news!!!

"Nebraska rules in favour of Keystone XL

JOC News Service August 23, 2019

HARDISTY, ALTA. – The Nebraska Supreme Court has approved the Keystone XL Pipeline, prompting praise from Alberta officials.

“Today’s approval is encouraging news for both Alberta and our nation as a whole,” said Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in a statement to media. “This court victory is another step forward for this vital pipeline project after far too many years of regulatory delays and hurdles.”

Kenney added that he was elected on a platform to get pipeline projects built to get the province’s oil and gas resources to market. XL.

“In all of our government’s engagement with U.S. officials, we have consistently stated that this pipeline is critical to North American security and prosperity,” he said. “Alberta is a stable, secure and responsible energy supplier to the United States that can be relied on at a time of geopolitical uncertainty.”

Kenney also lamented that many projects have been obstructed by opponents and expressed gratitude to U.S. officials for approving the project.  

 “While we welcome today’s decision, Canadians should understand that our country needs to take steps to take control of our own economic future,” said Kenney. “It is essential that the Trans Mountain Pipeline be built, and the federal government’s disastrous ‘No More Pipelines’ Bill (C-69) and West Coast Tanker Ban (C-48) must be repealed so that we can deliver Alberta’s responsible energy to international markets.”

The ruling caps off nearly more than a decade of permitting disputes between environmental advocates and project proponents. The project still faces a federal lawsuit in Montana attempting to block construction and a handful of landowners along the route have not given permission for the work.  

The proposed Keystone XL expansion would reach from Hardisty, Alta. and Steele City, Neb. The pipeline would have the capacity to transport up to 830,000 barrels of oil per day to Gulf Coast and Midwest refineries."


MC Axel
23.08.2019 kl 22:02 1175

He knows what he's talking about!

"Canadians should understand that our country needs to take steps to take control of our own economic future,” said Kenney."

This is a small step in the right direction 😌

23.08.2019 kl 22:15 1140

En klar filosofi vedr hydrokarboner for Canada bør være:

Null import - kun eksport.

Få den reneste utvinningen på kloden ved Clean tech.

Kjøpe opp alt de kan av assets hvor LNG eksporteres, flytte Clean tech og utvinne der.

Og alt til fordel for miljøet.
23.08.2019 kl 23:23 1026

Meget bra! Nå trenger vi noen kanonmeldinger!


Hausera er utrolig naive, dere ser positivt i alt men realitetene ser dere ikke. Det blir ingenting av i Quebec, det er den mest realistiske nyheten dere vil få og den går dere av undertegnede ))