Bare ikke Exxon mobil kjøper Questerre Energy Corporation

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Den tanken hadde jeg også!
Ok med en 50-lapp pr aksje for min del.
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Aprilsnarr i september...

Helt utenkelig. QEC kommer ingen vei i Canada.
Emisjon neste?
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Sitter godt lastet i både DNO og Qec kan bli blink blink dette.
Spørsmålet nå er om det var lurt å selge 8,6k dno til 12,63 for å kjøpe 65k qec til 1,71.
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Kjøpe Jordan posten, de er i området med Dno

Drilling: Joly will not reconsider his decision

Envrionment. The drilling case in Joly continues to make waves in a population that is opposed to the project of the resource company Utica Resources. Last August, Joly's citizens' committee even wrote a letter to City Council to try to convince it to reconsider its favorable position to develop a well on agricultural land.

By Émilie Pelletier - Special collaboration

"This is a project that we have accepted, that we will defend, and there is no question of going back," said the Mayor of the municipality, Bernard Fortier, in an interview with The Lotbinière people .

However, it begs to do Louise Richard, spokesman of the citizen committee that has been in existence since 2012. If the file continues for about 7 years, she claims to be hitting recently a city administration and a company "completely closed to the demands of the citizens ".

The spokesperson of Utica Resources, Yvan Loubier, had also supported, during information activities held in July, that it was not shale gas and that there would be no hydraulic fracturing, now banned in the St. Lawrence Valley.

"It's a project without fracking, so an acceptable project. They just want to see if our basement is the same as Saint-Flavien, "added the mayor of Joly, who finds that the fears of residents" are unfounded, because there has not been of such opposition to Saint-Flavien and it's been 40 years since it's working. "

"Empty shell"

Ms. Richard concedes only what was presented by Utica Resources for drilling a 2,500-meter well to extract and store conventional natural gas and that could go ahead if she gets all the necessary permits is "seemingly harmless". But what worries her and the members she defends is the context. "In our opinion, accepting this project amounts to putting your arm in the gear," reads the letter dated August 14 filed with the city council.

It considers, indeed, doubtful that the company has recently hired seven lobbyists to "influence decision makers [...] to promote the development of the hydrocarbons subsidiary in Quebec." According to her, other drilling projects defended by the mandate of lobbyists target the municipalities of Joly, Saint-Flavien, Val-Alain, Dosquet, Lyster and Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, among others.

The creation of a second subsidiary of Utica Resources, called Utica Joly Resources, is also of concern to Ms. Richard, since the latter "does not have an establishment and no employees in Quebec," she says, citing the Quebec business register and fearing that the company's recourse will be limited in the event of a problem. "Creating an" empty shell "of this type is common among companies that want to protect themselves from prosecution and limit financial risks," he wrote in the letter.

Foot in the door

Louise Richard is convinced that this project "is only the beginning" and that she asks the municipality of Joly to reconsider its decision "to protect its citizens".

As for him, Mayor Bernard Fortier remains firm. "We maintain our position and thereafter, if there are changes, we will re-evaluate."
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Knægten fra 2010 laver ballade og keder sig igen igen 🤣