GIG - Utvider samarbeidet med Hard Rock

GIG trår til med Sportsbook for Hard Rock, i Iowa:

"Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG) has reached an agreement with its partner, Hard Rock International (Hard Rock), to support its market entry with sports betting in the US state of Iowa. The sportsbook will initially launch with an over-the-counter solution on the casino floor at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City in Iowa. This will be followed by the launch of online and mobile sports betting in Iowa, expected in Q4 2019."
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Synes jo dette var en gladmelding på fredag. Om ikke det gir så stor impact på resultater i første omgang, gir det meg i hvert fall en trygghet på at samarbeidet mellom GIG og HR still going strong, og det kan bli mer etter hvert....😉👍
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Et annet viktig punkt her er at de har reforhandlet kontrakten med HR. Vil tro det er til langt bedre betingelser for GiG
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Har ikke noe med HR å gjøre, men torsdag holder Redeye "Online gambling day" der bla GIG deltar. Dette eventet kan streames for de som ønsker.

Mange interessante deltagere, så de som er interessert i bransen finner sikkert noe nyttig å høre på.

Hard Rock satser. Stort potensiale på sikt.

" "Hard Rock Sacramento is the catalyst to see the entire region around us develop"

"We think it's a great opportunity for other tribal enterprises and other developers to see this property and basically get an idea of what a very strong regional hotel casino Hard Rock property would look like for them," Mark Birtha says.

Birtha tells Yogonet this is a project that's never been done in that market, and that it’s also a milestone as the brand looks to roll out more hotel casinos on the West Coast under the Hard Rock International umbrella. He believes it opens the door for future expansion, business opportunities between the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the Enterprise Rancheria, and between HRI and other tribes throughout the US as well. "
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Er vi bare i startgropa for et gedigent marked som er i ferd med å åpne seg ?
Tipper vi går en spennende tid i møte i 2020 -2021-2022 med HR på laget 😀

Michigan legalizes online gambling and sports betting

Michigan wasn’t able to enjoy the sports betting and online casino till now but that might change. The bill legalizing sports betting and online gambling will likely receive the Michigan legislature support and it could be in place as soon as the end of the week.

The bill would allow those 21 and older to gamble legally and participate in online sports bettings. The legislature was cleared by the Senate’s Regulatory Reform Committee this week and amendments were made to the proposal the House passed this fall. According to the bill, an 8.4% tax will apply to the wins through sports betting, which is less than originally proposed by 8.75%. Taxes on internet gambling will vary from 20% to 28%.

Michigan’s history with gambling

Michigan has been toying with the idea of legalizing gambling for some time now. The gambling lovers had a huge letdown the last time when the bill almost passed but Rick Snyder, then-Gov vetoed the measure at the last minute. But the current Gov. Gretchen Whitmer seems much more inclined to sign the bill. This wasn’t always the case with Whitmer but during the last few months, she has made it clear that she will support the bill.

Whitmer previously was asking for way higher taxes, to make sure that the new options wouldn’t eat into the Michigan Lottery’s online game. But Brandt Iden who is one of the major driving forces behind the new legislation managed to work out a deal that satisfies both the gamblers and the venus and government officials alike.

The gambling regulations vary from state to state and country from country. While most of the EU operates on the same model, for example, Norway has a radically different approach. While the citizen can enjoy internet casino games all the time the gambling venus are under much pressure and there is a monopoly throughout the whole country. But in the U.S this change was on its way since 2018, since the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018 paved the way for all 50 states to allow sports gambling. It is currently in 13 states, it has been authorized in six states and Michigan is on its way to join at least four other states that have authorized online gambling and offline poker.

What will the new bill change?

In Michigan, the bill would change the voter-approved law, which is why the bill needs the support of three-fourths of the Senate.

Under the amended version that has been approved by the committee, online gambling operators would pay a tiered tax rate from 20-22%, in the previous bill started at 12% and topped at 23%, which is the latest version the maximum percentage in 28.

The fee structure will also be pretty standard. Anyone wishing to acquire a license to operate gambling venus has to pay $50k for the application, an initial fee of $100k and annual renewals starting from $50k.

The question that many gambling lovers have is for how long this bill will permit the new gambling regulations. Since they’ve already been let down once the Michigan community is still not fully trusting the officials to deliver fully on their promise They also don’t know how long it will be until they can actually start betting and going to online casinos for different games. Since the bill hasn’t fully passed yet some of the details are still unclear.

Michigan has plans to direct the tax return from the industry to the School Aid Fund which was in itself a controversial decision. The fund funds K-12 schools in Michigan. Some members of the administrations though that this would damage the reputation of the school fund but the concerns seem to be gone since this idea has large support, especially from the Governor.

The attitudes towards gambling seem to be changing worldwide.

Changing attitudes towards gambling

Even in the case of Michigan, all the officials know that people do gamble in the state. This new bill just provides a legal framework for it. This approach is much safer for the citizens who sometimes might get scammed from the unauthorized offshore casinos. With the regulations in place, the customers have a higher chance of receiving top-notch services and entertainment while not fearing that they’re doing something illegal or damaging.

It’s easier to control and manage which is what every state wants. You can’t stop people from gambling but you can provide a safe framework where there are few solvable problems here and there and the general consumer base is happy and safe.

Promoting responsible gambling is a big part of the new movement in the gambling industry. Venues are using AI to track problem gamblers and lock them out to cool off, and people are raising awareness about what causes problem gambling. If the trend continues with the legalization fo gambling and raising awareness about the taboo topics that often surround this subject we will definitely see a decrease in problem gambling while more and more people will choose to gamble responsibly. The legalization of online gambling and sports betting would be the first step towards this direction for Michigan.

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Hard Rock med spennende grep:

"We are excited to introduce an entirely new way to play floor favorites without being there," said Kresimir Spajic, Senior VP of Online Gaming and Sports Betting at Hard Rock International. "With Live Slots, you can control real, physical slot machines located at Hard Rock Atlantic City from anywhere in New Jersey using your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device. It is a first-of-its-kind experience unavailable anywhere else on the planet."