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Bjørn Simonsen
Proud to work together with
@hybrit_project to realize this massive emission reduction potential!

”We need to do this together. If we are given the right circumstances I know that we will succeed. And with that inspire others to follow.”, said CEO Martin Lindqvist when speaking about
@hybrit_project and #fossilfree #steel at the #UNClimateSummit #LKAB #Vattenfall
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Hydrogen Europe
The second #Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting is set to call for powering 10 million vehicles -including trains, planes and automobiles - with #fuelcells and increase the number of hydrogen fueling stations to 10,000. #HydrogenNow #FuelCellsNow
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Nikola Motor Company
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Andrew Christian, VP of Business Development and Defense will be on a panel at Green Living AZ Electric and Autonomous Vehicles event this Friday, September 27th from 8 am - 12 pm. RSVP now to learn more about Nikola Motor Company and the future of #autonomous vehicles. #GreenLivingAZMag
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...og Løkke:

«Jon Andre Løkke
Hope to see a much more aggressive development coming out of this years Ministeral Meeting, Norway is also represented together with 17 other countries.»

Det gjelder Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting i Tokyo i dag.
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