Om dagens oljepris skulle vedvare ut 2020 så må våre konkurrenter bokføre store tap på fuelhedge. Wizz, SAS, Easyjet er hedget pr. fat ca. $65-70 (ca. 50%) og Ryanair pr. fat ca. $70-75 (ca. 90%) Kjører nas uhedget med dagens oljepris så vil de få et enormt konkurransefortrinn. https://uk.reuters.com/article/airlines-fuel-hedging-idUKL5N227513
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“Norwegian is 85% unhedged for the next 12 months and Wizz is about 60% unhedged and I therefore much prefer our hedging position to theirs given where oil is at the moment and where it is likely to go to” Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary told investors on a 22 October call. “We are now hedged up to 90% out to September 2019 at about $68 a barrel. That is a much stronger position than most of our competitor airlines.”
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O’Leary made these comments just before oil plunged back to $50, meaning that Ryanair may now be committed to paying $18 more than the spot price. Fortunately for Ryanair, IFRS 9 will keep the mark-to-market hedge valuation impact out of the company’s fourth quarter results. Ryanair didn’t to respond to a request for comment.
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