Oss gamle ser at fremtiden består av DATA, Satelitter

Glad jeg ikke driver som skipsmegler lenger, gammal gubbe må vite _:)
How oil traders are using satellites to keep an eye on an increasingly unpredictable market
"Oil traders had the benefit of a growing number of eyes in the sky following last month’s crippling attacks on Saudi Arabia’s crude processing facilities.

The Saturday Sept. 14 attacks knocked more than 5 million barrels a day of crude oil production offline, sparking a nearly 15% spike in crude oil futures when the market opened the following Monday.

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia have blamed the attacks on Iran, which has denied responsibility, but crude prices subsequently retreated over the following weeks, in part as Saudi officials emphasized their ability to fully restore production by the end of the month.

As traders and investors attempt to figure out what’s happening, a boom in satellite launches, part of what’s often referred to as the New Space Revolution, combined with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, has spawned the creation of companies ready to sell their analysis of oil-market fundamentals to hedge funds, energy producers and others. It’s one corner of the rapidly growing “alternative data” industry.

“Some governments are more:


Good luck, ser ut som shipsmeklere, analytikere, aksje spekulanter etc. må se nødt til å ansette like mange på IT siden, som fagfolka
innen bransjen må få ...

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