Panting gir skattefritak i Skottland

Panting gir skattefritak i Skottland
Butikker i Skottland som pålegges å ta imot pant og som velger å installere panteautomater vil fritas økt skatt på næringseiendom (rates).
Det fremkommer av en melding fra skotske miljømyndigheter fredag.
Skattelettelsen vil gjelde på ubestemt tid, og sikre at skatten ikke øker for butikkene som følge av installasjon av panteautomater, heter det i meldingen.
Skotske myndigheter innførte i mai planene om at alle butikker som selger flasker eller bokser til drikkevarer skal tilby pant på 20 pence pr beholder.
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Glimrende, fremtidsrettet politikk å stimulere utbredelsen og tilgjengeligheten når det gjelder pantemaskiner på denne måten. Lar meg imponere av de ledende kvinnene i den skotske regjeringen.


Rates relief for retailers

Published: 25 Oct 2019 13:00
Part of: Economy, Environment and climate change

First Minister announces support for shops tackling throwaway culture.

Retailers required to accept the return of single-use drinks containers could qualify for rates relief, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said.

In May, Ministers announced their plans for a Deposit Return Scheme which would see all shops that sell bottles or cans of drink reimburse customers 20p per returned container.

As a result of the First Minister’s announcement, shops have been guaranteed that their rates will not rise should they choose to install a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) to allow automated returns.

Speaking at the Scottish Grocers’ Federation (SGF) annual conference in Glasgow, the First Minister said:

“The consequences of our throwaway culture can be seen in our streets, our countryside and our waters. But as well as being a depressing eyesore, the damage it causes our environment is irreversible.

“We recognise the global climate emergency and the need for everyone to work together to improve the lives of current and future generations. Retailers will be critical to the success of our planned Deposit Return Scheme and by introducing rates relief, we are supporting them to play their part.

“Retailers are already taking steps to reduce packaging and I look forward to the introduction of this scheme and the positive change in behaviour it will lead to.”

SGF Chief Executive Dr Pete Cheema OBE said:

“SGF is delighted that the First Minister has chosen to make this announcement at our annual conference.

“We have made a very strong case for this rates relief and we are proud to say that the Scottish Government has listened and delivered something of real benefit to the industry.”


Minsters announced details of the Deposit Return Scheme on 8 May. The scheme will cover single-use drinks containers made of glass, metal or PET plastic (the most common form of plastic used for drinks packaging).

The draft legislation to establish the scheme was laid in Parliament on 10 September and views are sought by 10 December.

It is anticipated that as many as 3,000 shops will invest in RVMs as a result of the scheme, accepting up to 85% of all returned packaging – the remaining shops will operate a manual “over the counter” scheme.

A new 100% non-domestic rates relief for RVMs will take effect from 1 April 2020 in preparation for the scheme going live. The relief will run indefinitely, ensuring that non-domestic rates do not rise for retailers as a result of the installation of RVMs.
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Dette legger garantert føring for hvordan England vil innføre sitt pantesystem. Noe som selvfølgelig vil resultere i at enda flere går for investere i pantemaskiner når systemet starter!! Svært positivt for Tomra og miljøet!!!

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Det norske panteselskapet Tomra har utstedt et usikret obligasjonslån på én milliard kroner, slik selskapet varslet det ville gjøre i forbindelse med presentasjonen for tredjekvartalstallene.
Transaksjonen er delt opp i to transjer hvorav begge var betydelig overtegnet, ifølge en melding onsdag.

Reference is made to the Q3-presentation and announcement dated 21 October 2019 regarding contemplated bond issue. TOMRA Systems ASA has today successfully issued a total amount of NOK 1,000m in senior unsecured bonds. The transaction is split in two tranches, both were significantly oversubscribed: - 3Y FRN: NOK 400m with a coupon of 3m Nibor + 0.50 % p.a. - 5Y FRN: NOK 600m with a coupon of 3m Nibor + 0.75 % p.a. The net proceeds will be used for general corporate purposes, including refinancing of existing debt. The settlement date is 14 November 2019 and the bonds will be applied for listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange. DNB Markets and SEB have acted as Joint Lead Managers for the bond issues. Asker, 6 November 2019 TOMRA Systems ASA For further information please contact: Espen Gundersen, Deputy CEO/CFO: +47 66 79 92 42 / +47 97 68 73 01 Bing Zhao, Director Investor Relations & Strategy: +47 40 21 08 19
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