"Menn" blir feminister for å creepe/snike seg inn på damer gett

I don’t care who opens the door for whom. I’m sick of the predators and approval-seeking men who call themselves ‘feminist’ to get my attention


There are three reasons men declare themselves feminists. Firstly, they’re frightened. They’re so terrified of women’s rage that they want to make it clear from the off that they’re not one of those abusing, bully-ing men they’ve heard about.

There’s another category of men who simply hate themselves.

And finally, there are the ones who declare themselves feminists in order to establish male superiority. They know we’re weak and vulnerable, and they want to take care of us and protect — all of this with the deeply patronising assumption we need protecting.


Creepy male feminists are creepy because they became "feminists" in an effort to bag women. It's like the guy who tries to be girls' best friend instead of just having the stones to ask them out.


05.11.2019 kl 13:36 107

Både mannlige og kvinnelige feminister har ulykkelige sexliv.
Åndslivet vil je itte engong snakke om...