IDEX, åpner vi over KRONA i morgen?

Tipper vi ser opp mot 1,20 i morgen

Tror det åpner 1.02 og slutter 1.10
Kan tenke meg omsetting rund 40MNOK
06.11.2019 kl 19:19 438

Melding i morgen og vi er på 1,5

Sertifisering er i rute i følge ledelsen dvs Q4 kan komme når som helst

With the roll-out of biometric fingerprint authentication smart cards, consumers will soon be able to make payments feeling more confident about the heightened security their new cards will offer. However, it’s not just consumers that stand to benefit from this advanced technology. Biometric payment cards will impact the entire ecosystem – from payment networks, smart card and secure Integrated Circuit (IC) vendors, through to biometric sensor manufacturers, retailers and merchants.....

Spennende! Melding i kveld om at de skal kutte kostnader :) Bull!
06.11.2019 kl 20:25 322

Hvem vet, den vil vel gå opp endel.

Oslo, Norway - 6 Nov 2019 - IDEX Biometrics ASA, a leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions, is delighted to announce they are presenting at the 2019 TRUSTECH event being held in Cannes, France from Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th November....

Biometric technology continues to gain momentum in many areas of our lives. Earlier this month, NatWest became the first UK bank to trial a biometric credit card, which will see consumers carrying out contactless payments using their fingerprint, instead of a PIN, for authentication....

Kan smelle voldsomt når bankene gir grønt lys for dette :) Snakk om mnder?