NANO Tesla og VW = samarbeid batteri.

Nano One Patents a New Durable Cobalt-Free Battery Material
January 6, 2020
Vancouver, Canada – January 06, 2020 (TSX-V: NNO) (OTC-Nasdaq Intl Designation: NNOMF) (Frankfurt: LBMB). Dr. Stephen Campbell, Chief Technology Officer at Nano One is pleased to announce the issuance of Taiwanese patent number I672852 relating to lithium nickel manganese oxide (LNMO) cathode material, also known as high voltage spinel (HVS). In addition to the increased durability shown below, Nano One’s LNMO also eliminates cobalt from the battery, thereby addressing the ethical and supply chain issues related to artisanal cobalt mining in Africa for use in lithium ion batteries.

Dr. Campbell said “This addition to Nano One’s patent portfolio is an important, low cost durability improvement to LNMO. This material operates at high voltage with fast rates of charge and discharge, compared to other cathode materials. Our technology treats the surface of the discrete cathode crystals and it mitigates instabilities common to spinels including LNMO and enables elevated operating temperatures that are typical in electric vehicle batteries.”

This represents the sixteenth patent in Nano One’s IP portfolio which extends to the U.S., Canada, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Nano One Materials Corp.

Dan Blondal, CEO

Ny patent 6 januar i år
Tesla og VW er partnere.
Dette er nokk grunnen for at VW går all in for batteridrift
Mye lengre kjørelengde og mye kortere ladetid

Nano one en liten bortgjemt perle sjekk børsverdien.

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En liten påminnelse vedrørende produksjon av Tesla 3 sine nye batterier og kontrakten med CATL.
Tesla har planlagt ny battery day nå i mai med da nyheter om fremtidens type batterier.
Nano one har jo som kjent avtale med Pulead som også produserer batterier til iPhone.
Eller Apple sine produkter nærmere bestemt.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) and Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pulead).

All parties aim to establish strategic partnership in NEV power battery area, make full use of their advantages to create synergies, and cooperate strategically in battery R&D, manufacturing, recycling and cascade utilization of batteries
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Tesla’s new batteries will rely on innovations such as low-cobalt and cobalt-free battery chemistries, and the use of chemical additives, materials and coatings that will reduce internal stress and enable batteries to store more energy for longer periods, sources said
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Nano One Materials Corp.
Nano One Materials Corp. is developing patented technology for the low-cost production of high performance battery materials used in electric vehicles, ENERGY STORAGE, consumer electronics and next generation batteries. The processing technology addresses fundamental supply chain constraints by enabling wider raw materials specifications for use in lithium ion batteries. The process can be configured for a range of different nano-structured materials. TSX-V: NNO and OTC: NNOMF
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Nytt kobolt fritt batteri kommer for salg 2021
Svolt har ikke utviklet batteriet selv sies det i videoen så hvem har da rettighetene på disse type batterier.?? 😎
Her kommer også BMW inn i bildet via andre selskaper.
Huawei er også med.
Svolt mener også at kobolt i batterier blir slutt innen 2026 da verden rett og slett går tom for kobolt.
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the technology uses a single crystal as well as nano-coatings and a special arrangement of the cells. Samt det samme sorte pulver som Nano one materials corp bruker.

Men siden svolt skal bygge fabrikker i USA og Europa så kan der godt hende dette kan bli en ny partner/leverandør for Tesla og derfor er det ikke sikkert Nano one materials kan gi ut noen info om avtaler enda ???

Uansett så vil det kun bli koboltfrie batterier fremover. Noe som igjen er bra for Nano one.
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Another US carmaker GM is working on zero-cobalt batteries, solid state electrolytes and ultra-fast charging. The company is "almost there" on million-mile products, which will be more advanced than the new Ultium battery it unveiled in March, said GM Executive Vice-President Doug Parks.
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Vw kjøper koboltfrie batterier av Catl
Tesla kjøper av Catl .
Pulead og Catl har utviklingsavtale/samarbeid på koboltfrie batterier.
Nano one har samarbeidsavtale med Pulead.
Nano one har samarbeid og utviklingsavtale med både Tesla og VW
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Musk has mentioned on previous occasions that the present battery modules last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles. However, the new Tesla battery pack, that’s still in development, could last almost a million miles. The new battery is a Lithium-ion battery cell with a next-generation “single crystal” NMC cathode and a new advanced electrolyte. After testing these cells extensively, they think that the battery could power an electric car “for over 1.6 million kilometers [1 million miles].” You can expect this battery to see a significant improvement in the range as well.

Umeda also hinted at a new battery chemistry that Panasonic may be working on with Tesla, reportedly saying, “We will be working to improve materials and technologies throughout this financial year.”
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