🟢NANO Tesla og VW = samarbeid batteri.




Nano One Patents a New Durable Cobalt-Free Battery Material
January 6, 2020
Vancouver, Canada – January 06, 2020 (TSX-V: NNO) (OTC-Nasdaq Intl Designation: NNOMF) (Frankfurt: LBMB). Dr. Stephen Campbell, Chief Technology Officer at Nano One is pleased to announce the issuance of Taiwanese patent number I672852 relating to lithium nickel manganese oxide (LNMO) cathode material, also known as high voltage spinel (HVS). In addition to the increased durability shown below, Nano One’s LNMO also eliminates cobalt from the battery, thereby addressing the ethical and supply chain issues related to artisanal cobalt mining in Africa for use in lithium ion batteries.

Dr. Campbell said “This addition to Nano One’s patent portfolio is an important, low cost durability improvement to LNMO. This material operates at high voltage with fast rates of charge and discharge, compared to other cathode materials. Our technology treats the surface of the discrete cathode crystals and it mitigates instabilities common to spinels including LNMO and enables elevated operating temperatures that are typical in electric vehicle batteries.”

This represents the sixteenth patent in Nano One’s IP portfolio which extends to the U.S., Canada, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Nano One Materials Corp.

Dan Blondal, CEO

Ny patent 6 januar i år
Tesla og VW er partnere.
Dette er nokk grunnen for at VW går all in for batteridrift
Mye lengre kjørelengde og mye kortere ladetid

Nano one en liten bortgjemt perle sjekk børsverdien.

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29.11.2020 kl 16:34 2080


1. Greatly reduce costs (estimated 15-30%) for cathode materials
2. Use a much more environmentally friendly process
4. For 1000 charges (1 charge=1 tank of gas)—at a tank of gas a week that would be the equivalent of almost 20 year battery life!!

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08.12.2020 kl 10:54 1802

At a recent price of $42.50 a share, Quantum stock is valued at roughly $19 billion


Og hvem er partner med både Quantumscape og Nano One Materials
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To invest in Nano One, you are buying the concept of a better mousetrap. :-)
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13.12.2020 kl 11:00 1560

En av mange partnere av nno?

Today, Solid Power unveiled a new all solid-state lithium metal battery cell. This 22-layer, 20Ah cell surpasses energy densities of any commercially available li-ion cell manufactured today, and was created using continuous roll-to-roll processes that mirror li-ion production. https://t.co/ZveffdBGCS Hamutal Ben b.. som arbeider for Nano One Materials liker nyheten på twitter.
Litt morsomt er det også at daglig leder heter Doug Campbell. Og så har vi Stephen Campbell fra Nno..:-)
Bare spekulasjoner fra min side :-)

Litt på siden :)
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Just working on an update on @Investor_Intel and highlighting @NanoOne_NNO --- did you see this @ClausiPeter hosted interview with Nano One's Dan Blondal? They discuss #NanoOne's unique high-voltage cobalt-free #battery ... https://t.co/lUqgukhjJr via @YouTube #cobalt
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19.12.2020 kl 20:36 1239

Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd. (Pulead) operates at the leading edge of technology innovation in the development and manufacture of three kinds of electrochemical cathode active materials, namely LCO, LFP, and NMC utilized in high performance lithium-ion batteries. In 1999, Oriental Investment Co., Ltd. and the Peking University jointly established Pulead. The company is headquartered in Beijing and operates additional production sites in Tai’an (Shandong Province) and Xining (Qinghai Province). The R&D department of Peking University, one of China’s most reputable universities, is at the very core of the company’s technological innovation. With the primary R&D Center and headquarters located in Beijing, Pulead is rapidly expanding its production capacity while at the same time guaranteeing consistent high quality with products that conform to industry standards with certification by the National Certification Bureau.

Pulead is closely collaborating with global battery manufacturers such as Lishen and is now the supplier of choice for a range of industry leading MNEs. The company maintains a leading market position and differentiates itself from other manufacturers through outstanding customer service, consistent high-quality products, and reliable order delivery.


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Solid Power og Nano one er gode venner på Twitter jeg lurer på hvorfor :-)
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Nano one trekker til seg også Kinesiske investorer nå :-)
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Ser det er gode muligheter på Oslo børs for gode investeringer nå.
Allikevel holder jeg meg til Nano one materials fremover nå da Dan Blondal selv har hintet om at de har et dusin med nye avtaler på vei inn.
Det betyr mye for et selskap som er så lite kjent blant hus og investorer.
Kanskje ser vi notering på hovedlisten på Nasdaq snart også.
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09.01.2021 kl 22:36 393


Nio kommer med faststoffbatteri med Nano COATING NICKEL-ULTRARICH CATODE som er produsert av Catl som er partner til Pulead og da Nano One materials.
Jeg sier ikke mer. Kanskje.?
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11.01.2021 kl 17:25 304


Som jeg skulle sagt det selv :)
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Ja, NNO virker som en veldig interessant og framtidsrettet case som kan gi veldig stor avkastning.
Og den ser ikke ut til å ha tatt av enda..
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Ny tweet fra Nano one med muligens et lite hint
Kursen har falt litt bakover etter litt salg av aksjer fra ledelsen.
Gjør seg klar for nye warrants kanskje eller muligens en emisjon mot nye JV som kommer inn ???
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Får ikke tak i denne på DnB...Nordnet ser ut til å ha den.
Utover det, så er denne framtiden.
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