Tintin spillet er blevet udskudt til Juni

"COPENHAGEN, January 27th, 2020: 5th Planet Games A/S (OAX: FIVEPG) is pleased to
announce that the development of the upcoming game based on The Adventures of
Tintin is progressing as planned and that a soft launch of the mobile game is
expected end of February.

The game is of the Match 3 type and will feature a wide range of the beloved
characters from the famous comic books series which has millions of fans
worldwide. The mobile game will include the features expected from the new
generation of Match 3 games. The puzzles will speak to veteran players with
interesting and challenging take on well-known Match 3 paradigms.

The upcoming game is being developed by the 5th Planet Games Berlin Studio. The
studio is headed by renowned puzzle game expert Moritz Voss; a former technology
lead at King, which is the company behind some of the most successful puzzle
games published including the Candy Crush mobile games.

5th Planet Games CEO Henrik Nielsen describes the actual game being developed as
"very promising" and points toward the Moritz Voss leadership as a driving

"Moritz Voss is repeating the work he has excelled in several times before - the
Match 3 genre," says Henrik Nielsen.

The upcoming game will feature not only the famous characters from the comic
book series but also include the iconic locations of Tintin's adventures, from
quaint Bruxelles to exciting Bagghar.

The Adventures of Tintin was created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. The caretaker
of his legacy is the company Moulinsart who owns the franchise and who has
provided 5th Planet Games the honorable task of developing a mobile game on the
famous adventures of the young reporter Tintin.

The Adventures of Tintin mobile game by 5th Planet Games is expected to launch
end of June 2020."