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Apple rygtes at købe MGM og det vil jeg formode er for at få noget indhold til deres Apple TV+ streaming tjeneste det vil betyde at Vikings vil være en del af Apple.

Vikings er klart den største/bedste MGM TV serie.

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05-2020 5th Planet Games Has Set New Sail for the Launch of Vikings Game
COPENHAGEN, January 28th, 2020: 5th Planet Games A/S (OAX: FIVEPG) is pleased to
announce that it has teamed up with Finnish mobile game experts to further
develop and launch the mobile game based on the smash hit television series

5th Planet Games is still the publisher of the game but teaming up with the
Finnish company Quantum Shake as a sub-contractor which will allow 5th Planet
Games to fast-track development of the game as it will be developed using the
Finnish company's existing game engine, which is a great match to the features
of the Vikings game, says 5th Planet Games CEO Henrik Nielsen.

"I'm confident that the new partnership with Quantum Shake will produce a game
worthy of the high expectations of the millions of Vikings fans worldwide," says
Henrik Nielsen.

"This new partnership is an example of 5th Planet Games following the new
company strategy. Instead of only developing games in-house, we team up with the
best possible external partners. We utilize their expert insight and in this
instance their game engine. That gives the best odds for a successful
end-product and spread our risk."

5th Planet Games has a contract with the American media giant MGM allowing the
development and publishing of a game based on the Vikings television series
which since 2013 has spellbound millions of viewers worldwide and is presently
airing its sixth season.

According to Parrot Analytics, Vikings is one of the top two "The Most In-Demand
Series Overall" in the world. Episodes have reached more than 10 million viewers
across all platforms.

The sixth season will probably be the last of the current setup, but the fans
are not being abandoned. A new storyline is planned in a sequel series titled
"Vikings: Valhalla" which is currently in development for Netflix.

The Vikings game is expected to be launched on mobile platforms in August 2020.

"The time is right to finish the game and give the fans what they want," says
Henrik Nielsen. "We have the right idea, the right team and the right game

About 5th Planet Games: 5th Planet Games is a mobile games developer and
publisher located in Copenhagen and Berlin. We cooperate with strong IP´s as the
Adventures of Tintin and premium sports brands as Cristiano Ronaldo and Nyjah
Huston. We are proud to expand the world of the Vikings TV series, the legendary
game Doodle Jump and Dawn of the Dragons. For more information see
www.5thplanetgames.com or contact CEO Henrik Nielsen +45 27 200 200.

Her er det jo naturlig å tro at det kommer en oppfølger på spillfronten iht Vikings: valhalla også. Spennende.
Jeg for min del ser ikke mye serier, men vikings er en av få jeg har sett alt av. Får sjekke ut spillet også når den tid kommer :)