Wuhan rullet ut 5G i 2019

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Og så kom viruset.

Ikke så smart...

04.02.2020 kl 17:26 1369

Det som stemmer i massemedia selvfølgelig ikke spør om, er hvorfor dette "viruset" kom fra en flaggermus eler en slange (som de "antar") - akkurat nå.

Har ikke dette "viruset" eksistert før nå ? , etter tusener av år ? Virkelig ?

For da må det stamme fra et eller annet laboratorium....

Eventuelt fra et vaksinasjonseksperiment.

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The Liberty Beacon: "Corona Virus Fakery And The Link To 5G Testing"

By Annie Logical.

"As far as I am concerned this whole thing is a hoax, another fake pandemic on the way. The usual players are involved, they claim to have a vaccine in 2 hours, there is a mock up of the same thing just a couple of months before involving the US CDC and the Chinese CDC as well as representatives for all the usual agencies and companies such as the Gates foundation, it gives 5G the opportunity to be showcased and seen as a just asset, it also get a lockdown at a time when the public in that area were protesting against the incinerators that were causing respiratory problems , what better way to make use of the situation than to use it against the people. I also think that the pulsed waves of 5G have the same action as that of the electroporation method perfected by Dr. Weiner, the same man who has been given the contract to create the vaccine so it would appear that 5G pulsed waves would enable any pollutants to penetrate the body more easily and give the appearance of a viral infection."

05.02.2020 kl 11:36 1310

BrahmaniX96ØrkenTaqqyiJux, det er ikke interference fra din lokale GSM\NMT antenne du hører i hodet ditt, det er stemmer.
05.02.2020 kl 17:56 1287

Så barnslig. Virkelig barnslig.
07.02.2020 kl 00:39 1209

Bø fra ørkenmani og Bø i Telemark kan ikke sammenlignes.
Født i Bø eller blitt sånn bøsmani?
#sullemani forvirrus
10.02.2020 kl 17:38 1126


Robust investment into China`s 5G ecosystem has already developed 5G uses that are transforming China`s cities. Wuhan, capital of China`s Hubei province and a 5G pilot city, sheds light on China`s 5G future.

Wuhan is home to China`s first 5G-based smart production line."


"Also significant is Wuhan`s push towards being a smart city. It has already implemented China`s first 5G smart street-lamps which are more energy efficient as the illuminance is adjusted based on road usage, weather and natural light conditions."

kilde: cna (international edition) : "Commentary: Huge investments and 5G super highways. How China is powering ahead in the network race."

"5G ecosystem" var i alle fall ikke så "smart" at det forhindret utbruddet av dette viruset, Wuhan.viruset....

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10.02.2020 kl 19:10 1114

roadtraffic-technology.com: China building 5G smart highway in Wuhan

"Chinese state-owned telecommunication company China Mobile is building a 5G smart highway project in Wuhan in Hubei province.

The first 5G smart highway project in the country is currently under construction. Once it is complete, the telecommunication company plan to introduce 5G services on the highway, starting with "smart toll stations" that could replace the present equipment and human operators.

China Mobile intends to collect real-time traffic information, make AI-aided forecasts using the data, which will support driverless cars.

The carrier has currently installed 31 5G base stations in Wuhan under this project and expects to add another 2,000 units this year with an investment of $148.3m."


"human operators" blir overflødige, ja..
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10.02.2020 kl 19:17 1108

C*mmunist shia brahmani har du noensinne *nullet *n *inesisk *itte det nei, da fær du *rømme videre.
10.02.2020 kl 22:21 1087

No kids ever shown...
11.02.2020 kl 10:48 1054

Utdrag fra : "Corona Virus Fakery And The Link To 5G Testing"

Annie Logical

"Back in the beginning of 2019, i predicted that there would be a link between 5G and a fake virus, hey presto! The area that is the epicenter of the so-called virus is the same area that has reportedly been the province that 5G was rolled out with base stations.

Then we have the company Huawei offering to help combat the so-called virus with their 5G base stations. I hope people wake up to this fraud that is being played out with agenda20/30 in mind, this is no joke."

"I documented a company called InOvio about eight years ago.
This same company has just been given 9 million dollars to come up with a vaccine for corona virus. They claim they were able to do so in two hours! "

"Prof Weiner is not only the worlds DNA technology expert but also a special employee and advisor to the FDA."

"This shows the depth to the corruption of this industry when an advisory to the supposed regulatory body is also a producer of vaccines that he advise on."

"He has perfected a new method of giving the DNA vaccines via Electroporation which is a electro-magnetic pulse that opens up the cells, imports foreign DNA and the it closes.

This is the same action that 5G technology uses in pulsed waves and the corona virus was reported to have started in an area in China that had rolled out 5G technology!

"Weiner was highly involved in the Zika vaccine."

"An advisor to GSK, Pfizer and other Pharma giants, he is also a special employee and advisor to the FDA and the NIH grant review process.

No wonder then, that Inovio were given a 28 million dollar grant by the NIH to develop its genetically modified DNA based monocional antibodies and its new process of electroporation."

"Innovative UK who are the agency who are pushing the smart/5G agenda are also linked to Pirbright and fund trials."

"In an even bigger twist to this story, the Chinese reported in November 2019 that they were working on nanobots, the size of a so called virus.

How very coincidental that the 5G technology should be involved where the Chinese are experimenting on delivering nanobots ? "

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25.02.2020 kl 19:18 905

Lombardia - regionen i Nord-Italia - hvor nå mange byer og tettsteder er under "lock-down", pga personer smittede av coronavirus.

5G er under utrulling i regionen, med Milano som skal bli en såkalt "smart city".
Det startet i 2019 og skal videreutrulles utover 2020.

25.januar var det planlagt protester fra "Stop 5G Lombardia"

Kan det vere stråling fra 5G som har fått et vanlig virus til å mutere til det nye covid 19?
03.03.2020 kl 19:37 780

"How do wireless technology and vaccines go together ?

Researchers all know that stress increases disease.

Imagine a Coronavirus specially constructed to lie dormant in a person`s body until it is triggered by the right radio frequency.

Imagine nano tech devices that can hide inside a vaccine and be triggered by wireless transmissions passing through your body.

Imagine 5G technology that, on command from Cobbett Hill Earthstation, can trigger nano tech devices in all the bodies of the citizens in an entire city.

Is it farfetched ? Not at all."



The evidence is overwhelming that the Pilgrims Society (which is often called the Deep State, Senior Executive Crown Agents, shadow government) is manipulating the public to advance its new worlds order objectives.

The evidence is also overwhelming that the Pilgrims Society strategy, perhaps conceived long ago by Henry Rothschild) de Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright, has been stealing and weaponizing patents since about the 1880`s.

The patents being stolen focuses on vaccines, wireless technology, communications, computers, propaganda, mind control and educational delivery systems."

kilde: AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA: "Coronavirus, QinetiQ, and the Rothschild Bombshell"

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Ville bare få det skrevet ned. Dere er helt fjerne og har så utrolig feil. Å peke på en søkt variabel for en pandemi er så håpløst. Vær så snill spar oss andre fra å lese deres idioti.
25.03.2020 kl 18:44 281

Har de begynt med det Sverige også?
UK har begynt for flere år siden.
Såvidt jeg vet.