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Rudy Giuliani: The Complete Witness

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The Collusion

Now we switch venues. In April of 2015 (Andriy) Teleshenko left the prosecutor's office, and eventually was reassigned to be an assistant in Washington DC to ambassador (Valeriy) Chaly, who was the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States. He didn't start until December 2015 and it was a fairly short, but very very important stay, because he lasted only into June of 2016. His original job was overseeing the press office, and then sometime in December when he got there they put him also in charge of the American Presidential Process. In other words overseeing that for the Embassy.

There are several very critical things that happened while he's here:
One is a January (19th) 2016 meeting in the White House with the National Security Council(NSC) staff of Barack Obama - actually some of them are Joe Biden's members to the NSC - and Ukrainian officials, prosecutors. The purported purpose of the meeting is to discuss “Corruption and how to fight it in Ukraine”.
You'll find out what the real purpose of the meeting is. It was arranged by Andriy (Teleshenko), and the people who attended it:

19. Januar 2016 kl 11-13, møterom 230A Old Executive Office Building
Artem Sytnik Ukraine, Director of the National Anti-corruption Bureau
Nazar Kholodnytsky Ukraine, Chief Anti-corruption Prosecutor
David G. Sakvarelidze Ukraine, Deputy Prosecutor General
Andriy G. Telizhenko Ukraine, political officer in the Embassy in Washington DC
Unidentified Obama Officials (Sier Giuliani)
Men fra besøksprotokollen for WH vet vi at disse var tilstede:
Eric Ciaramella NSC(Biden), Director for Ukraine. (YT tar ned videoen om navnet nevnes)
*Elizabeth Zentos NSC(Biden), Director for Eastern Europe
*Ann Greenaway FBI, Assign to US Embassy in Ukraine
*Jeffrey W. Cole DOJ, Legal Advisor, US Embassy Ukraine
Anna E. Iemelianova DOJ, Anti-corruption Program, US Embassy Ukraine
Svitlana V. Pardus DOJ, Operations, US Embassy Ukraine
Catherine L. Newcombe DOJ, Attorney Legal Assistance Program Ukraine

* Markerer de US som Giuliani nevner, men fra BesøksProtokollen(BP) ser vi også at de 4 andre US også deltok på møtet. Disse kaller Giuliany «Other Unidentified». Vi ser fra BP at CIA WB Ciaramella kalte inn til møtet. Etter møtet ser vi at Ciaramella hadde et eget møte, i samme møterom, med Latvias ambassadør i USA Andris Razans. BP viser at Ciaramella også har en rekke oppfølgingsmøter med Razans utover i 2016. Latvia er det land hvor selve hvitvaskingen foregikk. Greenaway forekommer i BP bare som Karen og ikke på den aktuelle dagen 19 jan. 2016. Hun må ha vært f.eks. I Ukraina, men tilgjengelig via video-overføring.
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Meeting begins with a discussion of Jeff Cole, discussing the reform efforts that are being made in Ukraine, and according to Andriy (Telizhenko) he dominates the meeting. Then when Jeff Colt mentions Burisma all of a sudden very very quickly the US representatives kind of freeze up. But it's quite clear that some of the staffers, the Biden staffers, had something else in mind for this meeting.

What they had in mind for this meeting is to turn the Ukrainian officials into political operatives for them to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign, and their target at the time was “the party of regions” that was the (Viktor) Yanukovych party, because they suspected that they had some kind of relationship with Paul Manafort. If they could get this dirty information on Paul Manafort they could put it out to the public and try to end Trump's campaign. So, don’t think of this as they're trying to gather evidence for a criminal case, I mean eventually that happens. Purpose here was -target date being around August or September- just releasing the information and then seeing if that doesn't explode Trump's campaign.

So let's listen to what Andriy (Telizhenko) has to say about this.

Teleshenko: “The second thing was, at the end of the meeting, NSC was on to several criminals and others who were involved from the White House. I don't remember everyone who was there, but they mentioned to our team -Mr. Kholodnytsky, Mr. Sytnik, Mr. Sakvarelidze- to look into "Party of Regions"- party of (Viktor) Yanukovych who fought Ukraine after Maidan(Euromaidan)- and any US citizens or any US consultants who are involved in payments with “Party of Regions”. At that time I didn't understand what was it about, but a week or two later….. “
Giuliani: “Was that all they said? Did they mention any names?”
Teleshenko: “They didn’t mention any names at that meeting.”
Giuliani: “Did they mentioned Manafort or ….. “
Teleshenko: “That meeting, No. They only mentioned the “Party of Regions” and any payments they made to any American consultants and any US citizens involved in that.“
Giuliani: “And the response was?”
Teleshenko: “We will look into this, of course. This was a request by the NSC(Biden). It was to our authorities and they also from what I understood -after we came out of the meeting I spoke to Mr. Kholodnytsky- did not understand what it was about directly, but two weeks later or a week later, he told me that they got an order from the U.S. Embassy involved with The Black Ledger Book and Mr. Paul Manafort.”
Giuliani: “And told to look for a Black Ledger Book?”
Teleshenko: “They were told to get to look into and investigate the Black Ledger, which was given to the public couple months later, and look into the name Paul Manafort, when they came back to Ukraine.”

WH Besøksprotokoll 2016 https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/briefing-room/disclosures/visitor-records
Black Ledger https://bit.ly/39B7QZ9
Party of Regions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Party_of_Regions

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Kuppforsøket er avslørt

Fredrik fake news wake up
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Sometime in March of 2016, while he's working at the Embassy in DC, he's told by the number 2 person at the Embassy -I believe it's the number 2 person Oksana Shuylar- that he should have a lunching meeting with a representative of the Democratic National Committee(DNC), or she may say “an important Democrat who can do a lot to help us”. Oksana Shuylar sets up a lunching meeting that lasts for about 1 hour to 1.5 hour at a rather famous Washington restaurant Leopold's, and really he's told nothing more about it.

Andriy (Telizhenko) shows up. Oksana (Shuylar) makes the introduction, kind of steps aside but stays at the meeting, but not really paying attention to it. Then for the next hour Alexandra Chalupa(DNC) really has an extraordinary conversation with him, in which she very aggressively tells him that she wants him to dig up dirt. Anything he can get on Donald Trump, Donald Trump jr., Paul Manafort because it's her intention to destroy his candidacy. To take him out! This is not an attempt to build a criminal case on Paul Manafort or Donald Trump or anything like that. This is an attempt to come up with a piece of evidence that would be explosive, that could destroy the campaign of Donald Trump in August or September of 2016.

This is all going on within a mile of the FBI and the DOJ. Right under their nose. Real crimes being committed!

So let's listen to this extraordinary conversation.

Teleshenko: “…Oksana (Shuylar) introduces me to Mrs. (Alexandra) Chalupa: “This is Alexandra Chalupa she works for the DNC, actually you should talk to here, and then Oksana (Shuylar) sits away.”
Giuliani: “sits away? She sat at the table with you, or?”
Teleshenko: “yeah she sat at the table, she just backed out of the conversation, and lets us talk with Mrs. (Alexandra) Chalupa on what she wants to talk to me about. Basically she want to talk to me there. I had nothing to say to Mrs. (Alexandra) Chalupa because I didn't know what was the matter of that meeting.”
Giuliani: “What she tell you?”
Teleshenko: “She present herself:
I'm a DNC-operative. I work for the DNC. I'm a Ukrainian Patriots. I work on the Trump campaign, and the Presidential candidate Donald Trump. We're trying to collect any dirt we can find on him! I think he's connected to the Russians. He’s connected to the Russian authorities, to the President Putin. I want to find anything that can find on him and this right-hand man is gonna become the head of his campaign.”
Teleshenko: “It was a week before Paul Manafort got officially appointed to the campaign. It wasn't official already there. She start talking about him, about Paul Manafort, to take Trump off the election process by end of September by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur(D).”
Giuliani: “What did she want from you.”
Teleshenko: “Dirt! she said, any dirt we can find on Trump's connection to Russian mafia, Ukrainian mafia. Paul Manafort connections to mafia, Russians and anybody from the campaign team, Donald Trump's campaign team, basically.”
Giuliani: “What did you tell her you would do?”
Teleshenko: “I looked at Oksana (Shuylar), she was my overseen officer basically in this process. I said, okay I'll look into this. Cuz I'm a diplomat, I have to replay diplomatically. I don't know what this is about, I can’t just say no to here end run away. So, okay I'll look into this, we keep in touch, and she said we'll keep in touch through Oksana (Shuylar) if something's need to be said. So I won't call her directly. That's when I went back to the Embassy. She and Oksana (Shuylar) still stayed at the Leopold's, they talked.
While walking back to the embassy I thought I should report this to the ambassador. Because the request was unethical and from what I understand was illegal, because we are represented as a foreign government, and I'm a third secretary within the Ukrainian embassy. Maybe not a high ranking position overall, but with my background and what with the request that this is the DNC the ?hacked? National Committee from what I also understood after going back, because I thought this in my head. I referred this look to the Ambassador(Valeriy Chaly) as I also had direct access to him all the time. I reported everything, all my actions, directly to him and to Oksana (Shuylar). He just said, what Oksana (Shuylar) tells you, you should do.”

So, you see that when he left the meeting and headed back to the embassy he was very concerned about this being unethical and illegal. Goes to (Valeriy) Chaly, hoping that (Valeriy) Chaly relieve him of his tension initially. Does just the opposite. Tells him to do what Oksana (Shuylar) tells him to do. Which means he's ordering him to play along with the criminal conspiracy of digging up dirt on the Trump campaign.

He's uncomfortable with that. Very, and he therefore leaves, and by May of 2016 he's on his way back to Kiev.

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While the DNC has been accusing President Trump of colluding with Russia, turns out they were using similar tactics in Ukraine. Meet Alex Chalupa: the opposition researcher working with the DNC to find dirt on Trump, Paul Manafort, and their connections to Russia. Financial records show she's been on their payroll for years now, and hacked emails expose her efforts to take down the President. And it's not just Alex. Her two sisters have been working towards the same goal too! Weakens the impeachment argument just a bit, right Adam Schiff?

Det høre med til historien.... CHALUPA.... og hennes to søstre... kokilimonken med SOROS og den sparkede USA-ambassadøren....

17.02.2020 kl 17:45 476

Barr& co skal se nærmere på informasjonene som gulianni har samlet inn . Dems har fått helt panikk og er nå psykotisk. De prøver å stanse Barr med patetiske 1100 x-jurist un derskrifter. Livredd for å bli avslørt .

Barr/DT har igjen lurt fake news /deep state , og får Barr til å avsløre hele kuppforsøket for åpen mikrofon den 31.3.20 det blir ikke en aprilspøk, men mange år i hullet på femtekolonistene.

Durham jobber i det stille , og vil hente inn minst 5-10 tidligere kuppmakere i deep state. ( comic hagfish comey, McCabe m.fl)

Dems er helt desperate, og samtidig driver de en kanibal nominasjon

Finn frem popcorn !
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Tror dere det blir tatt ut tiltale mot Giuliani eller vil Barr/Trump klare å stoppe den pågående etterforskningen?

Federal prosecutors weighing new charges that would bring Parnas investigation closer to Giuliani: report
17.02.2020 kl 19:37 460

Jabba/fake news. Wake up. Gulianni har levert grunnlagsmateriale om dems korrupsjon pay for play, og sabotasje/kuppforsøk mot den suverene folkevalgte presidenten over alle presidenter DT. Barr/Durham vil bearbeide opplysningene fram til 31.3.20 . Dems er i full panikk og har igjen gått fem på. Barr får full oppmerksomhet på avsløringene.

Finn frem popcorn

Rep. Jim Jordan

How many of those 1,100 former prosecutors and officials called for action when the IG reported that the FBI lied to the FISA Court 17 times?
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Fredrik fake news /jabba, her må dere jobbe intens for at ikke dette skal bli tidenes kjempesmell for dems den 31.3.20, finn frem popcorn.

DOJ investigates the investigators: 5 internal probes underway on Russia and more

Dems er livredd for at kuppforsøket endelig blir avslørt
Several federal prosecutors have been tapped to investigate high-profile Russia, Ukraine and Clinton-related matters under the Trump administration.
Here is a list of the internal Justice Department probes underway

1.The case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn MORE TO COME

2.Ukraine information (GULIANNI CASE)
Barr last week confirmed that the Justice Department is reviewing information about Ukraine coming from President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and others. Barr has tapped U.S. Attorney from the Western District of Pennsylvania Scott Brady to handle that Ukraine information.
That review comes after the president was acquitted on charges — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — stemming from the Ukraine controversy.
Giuliani, for months, has focused on the circumstances surrounding Hunter Biden’s past board position with Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings and the role of his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, in ousting a prosecutor who had been looking into the firm’s founder.
The impeachment of Trump focused largely on his efforts to press Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate that issue. The president’s request came after millions in U.S. military aid to Ukraine had been frozen, which Democrats argued showed a “quid pro quo” arrangement. Trump denied it.
CBS News first reported last week that the review, which has been going on for several weeks, will go beyond the Biden-Ukraine connection.

3.Durham probe into origins of Russia investigationMORE TO COME
4.Clinton Foundation, Uranium One MORE TO COME
5.FISA warrant, Clinton server document release MORE TO COME

HOLD AV 31.3.20 ,

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Morsomt at FISA blir nevt. Denne domstolen må godkjenne overvåking av amerikanere. Det har jo kommet frem at banden til Giuliani overvåket USAs ambassadør til Ukraina i forbindelse med svertekampanjen mot henne. Tror Cinet dette var klarert av FISA? LoL
18.02.2020 kl 12:57 413


He did some transitional work in the government agency, and then he got a job in Blue Star Strategies. A lobbying firm very very close to Hillary Clinton, the Biden's, John Kerry. Put him in a position to find out everything that went on historically, and then everything that was going to go on now, with that period in May of 2016.

So let's have him described it.

Teleshenko: “It was right after my resignation.”
Giuliani: “Did people know about that at the time, did people know that Biden went there and threatened…..”
Teleshenko: “Yes that's what everybody knew that happened.”
Giuliani: “How did they have it described in the government?”
Teleshenko: “If It was the Americans, told to file if it is something the way Americans already doing something, to tell Poroshenko who to fire and who to resign because it was…” (oppfatter han som at han blir klar over at han påtar seg ansvar og blir derfor noe usammenhengende)

Then of course, there's a real purpose of this whole thing the center piece of all this, which is where the big money is coming from, that is to protecting (Mykola) Zlochevsky and his ill-gotten gains. That's what Biden was brought in for in the first place, that's why Biden brought in Hunter Biden. To sort of, collect the bribe money in form of the million dollar payments to him every year, that went on for five years by the way. Purpose was to protect (Mykola) Zlochevsky and Burisma if there ever was a time when it needed protection. That came about, and that's why he had to get rid of (Viktor) Shokin.

So, how exactly did the Burisma-case get dismissed? Teleshenko is gonna describe what he found out.

Giuliani: “So how did the Burisma-case then get finally stopped, or dismissed, or…”
Teleshenko: “One senator was just dismissed end of October or November in 2016 ?Myochenko?, and from what I heard that Mr. (Ihor) Kononenko also was involved in this, and he took... There was money involved around this time, first time it was five and this time it was eight million dollars given to president Poroshenko to close this case.
Giuliani: “And about that time he got that money?”
Teleshenko: “Yes”
Giuliani: “And that came from? Who paid the money?”
Teleshenko: “it was from Burisma, the owner Mr. (Mykola) Zlochevsky personally. It was cash, no transfers, nothing. This is how it's done in Ukraine."
Giuliani: “And was (Mykola) Zlochevsky then eventually allowed back?”
Teleshenko: “Yeah (Mykola) Zlochevsky came back to Ukraine almost right away. He came back to Ukraine, he saw what's going on in Ukraine and he said, look it's nice and interesting here but I like living abroad, and he left Ukraine. But he's still being able to come to Ukraine. From what I know there's case open, but cases are open in a way that he still can come back.”
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18.02.2020 kl 13:06 411

Jabba, du blander som alltid kortene.

FISA har foretatt en rekke grove ulovligheter mot amerikanske borgere. Alt planlagt og igangsatt av Hillary maffiossos. Den pensjonerte femtekollonisten, som tidligere var USA-ambassadør i Ukraina, baktalte DT i felre ulike settinger. Hun ble selvfølgelig avskiltet. Gulianni var prisverdig med på å avsløre denne femtekolonisten M.Y.

Fisa står også bak de ulovlige vandetta-sakene mot Page, Stone , m.fl, også de planlagt og ulovlig igangsatt av Hillary maffiossos. Og skulle du være i tvil, den som trekker i trådene er sjef-klovnen/manipulatoren SORO. Han kan se frem til et fengselsopphold ( ikke langvarig da han er dementes 89år)

Alt dette blir avslørt i talen til Barr 31.3.20, finn frem popcorn du også, dems losers party time !

Det brenner kraftig under bena til dems losers nå, kupp planen har slått grundig feil, og de er i PANIC MODE.


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18.02.2020 kl 13:19 403


Billyboy møtte tilfeldigvis justisministeren på tarmacen...og så var emailene borte vekk. (bare 33.000)


The author of “Secret on the Tarmac” revealed new details Monday about the secretly held 2016 meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

“We knew something had occurred that was a bit unusual. It was a planned meeting. It was not a coincidence,” journalist Christopher Sign told “Fox & Friends" about the explosive meeting that cast a negative light over the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

At the time, then-candidate Donald Trump criticized Bill Clinton via Twitter for potentially trying to interfere with the investigation.

DT; Does anybody really believe that Bill Clinton and the U.S.A.G. talked only about "grandkids" and golf for 37 minutes in plane on tarmac?

Redigert 18.02.2020 kl 13:19 Du må logge inn for å svare
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Now we get to Blue Star Strategies

Blue Star Strategies is a lobbying firm in in the swamp in Washington DC. It’s a Democratic lobbying firm. 2 of the principals were officials in the Clinton administration, very close to Hillary Clinton, very close to Biden and John Kerry.

When (Mykola) Zlochevsky bribed Biden and brought him in as his protector, and the deal was to pay Hunter for a no-show job, and also possibly some of the money to Biden. Biden brought in Blue Star Strategies, a lobbying firm, to do several things. First thing they did was they wrote a report that basically said that BURISMA was not corrupt, which is of cause absurd. I don't even have to tell you why. We've seen all the evidence of all the money they stole, all the money they laundered. So this totally phony report presented exactly what (Mykola) Zlochevsky wanted, so he(Biden) hired Blue Star Strategies and they became, not just his lobbying firm in the swamp in Washington. They became kind of like the facilitators for him and for Biden and for the other people who were trying to protect his illegal interest in BURISMA, and by the way I believe that Blue Star Strategies is representing BURISMA to this day.

Teleshenko knows these facts cold, so let's listen to him.

Giuliani: “What are they all about, Blue Star Strategies? What are they?”
Teleshenko: “They are a lobbying firm for BURISMA Holdings. They were involved, from what I understand, from the beginning. BURISMA hired Hunter Biden. They were offered a job there by BURISMA themselves, after they came up with an audit under request of Mr. Vice-President Biden. They did, and came up with no evidence that the company is corrupt, and they provided this information also to Mr. Biden from what I heard personally from the owners of Blue Star Sally A. Painter, and also they provided this information to BURISMA. Officially they got hired right afterwards.
They still up today are representatives of BURISMA, and are still lobbying BURISMA holdings today, and being coordinated by those on what to do. They laundering the money on lobbying the United States and Atlantic Counsel. Nothing is being said negatively about BURISMA in Atlantic Council. They host the council meetings and all the money goes to the Blue Star (Strategies).”

You know in the long run, the most troubling part of Teleshenko’s testimony would be what we covered now. Probably this confuses me and hurts me the most because I spent so much of my life working for the Justice Department low level, high level, third ranking official in the department.
Teleshenko is just one of many witnesses who will describe to you how American law enforcement, aided by the State Department and what really was a corrupt Embassy in Kiev, kept numerous witnesses about these crimes from coming forward at a time in which it could have done some good. Maybe prevented all of this waste of money in the first place.
The (US)Embassy(in Kiev) under (Marie) Yovanovitch blocked visas. They're blocking visas for (Viktor) Shokin right now!! The FBI didn't follow up an information that was given to them.
The impression given to the Ukrainians who wanted to get this information to us -about all of this Democratic soliciting of Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt, the creating of false evidence, the briberies that where going on involving Biden, and the fusion GPS that was paid money by Hillary to dig up dirt on Trump. They wanted to testify to all this, they wanted her to describe it. For well over a year, almost 2 years, this was systemically handled by The Deep State, and they kept it away from us.
19.02.2020 kl 13:40 364

Part of it may also be that, all the FBI and all the DOJ cared about was getting Trump!! People that come to them with evidence of the same kind of criminal activity that they were alleging against Trump. Involving the Ukraine, AND THEY WOULD TURN THEM AWAY!

Giuliani: “Now there's a lot of controversy over who dismissed the BURISMA-case. Whether it was (Yuriy) Lutsenko or NABU or SBU or combination of all. From your point of view, you were in Ukraine at the time. Who dismissed it?”
Teleshenko: “It was Prosecutor General Mr. (Yuriy) Lutsenko who dismissed the case. Then afterwards they have full influence if there was any ongoing investigations, or looking into the case with NABU. If, it could be closed right away. Because that the case was original dismissed. Afterwards it was reopened by the same Prosecutor General Mr. (Yuriy) Lutsenko”
Giuliani: “And was there a time that you found out that there were people in Ukraine who were trying to reach the United States, FBI, the Justice Department, Law Enforcement to explain to them about collusion in the Ukraine?”
Teleshenko: “Yes, that was one of the most.” (Regner med at han forsøker å si at, det foregikk hele tia)
Giuliani: “When did that start, roughly?”
Teleshenko: “It was during the process of the election, but people kept…”
Giuliani: “Even when the election was going on?”
Teleshenko: “Yes, some people did also try to reach out like Mr. (Valentyn) Nalyvaichenko. He was a former head of SBU, and he tried to reach out. He was in really good connections with the US Embassy. He reached out after the election already happened, when President Trump already got elected, because everybody was afraid they would reach out prior to this. I don't know what would happen to them if Hillary get elected, but President Trump got elected and people start to reach out. Mr. (Valentyn) Nalyvaichenko was one of them. Then he was reaching out another time. It was me, I reached out also after the DNC article came out, because I tried to deliver this message that there was a problem. People from this transition team Trump knew that Ukrainian embassy was involved.”
Giuliani: “Ukraine was involved in?”
Teleshenko: “Working with the Hillary people and the DNC.”
Giuliani: “to obtained dirty information?”
Teleshenko: “Dirty information or coordination or cooperation. I was told, but I know this personally for myself. After the election process, I heard it by people from The Transition Team.
Giuliani: “Beyond the Black Ledger?”
Teleshenko: “Yes. Then Black Ledger was a great example what happened, but that was beyond what Black Ledger was involved.”
Giuliani: “Was Atlantic (Counsel) involved in it? The Soros NGO(non-government organizations). Were they involved in the dirty information and the collusion?”
Teleshenko: “They were also working in destroying everybody who was go against Soros.”
Giuliani: “When did the effort to try to reach the United States Law Enforcement start?”
Teleshenko: “I tried to reach out February 2017, and I tried to reach out later on with them that year a couple of times. The United States department of States, the US Embassy, even though I had really good connections with Ambassador (John F.) Tefft, ambassador prior they knew me personally. I had their personal cell phone numbers. I was helping what the US Embassy in their work in Ukraine prior to the to the all this collusion issues. What happened later on? I was blocked from the (US)Embassy. I said, I want to talk to the FBI office. I spoke to this to a political officer remains Steven Glazer. He was a political officer within the US Embassy in Kiev. He said: “I didn't hear about it. Don't talk to me about this ever again”.
Giuliani: “how long did you try to reach out?”
Teleshenko: “For over a year I try to reach out.”
Giuliani: “How many others were doing it?”
Teleshenko: “Also there was 12 other people.”

Just think of what he is describing. At least 12 witnesses wanting to come forward, to describe crimes like interfering in the 2016 election. Which Muller and Comey and all the phonies that were involved in that claim was so important with regard to Russia, and it didn't happen.
Somehow it wasn't important that there was a substantial Ukrainian interference and creation of false evidence to try to stop the Trump candidacy, and to try to destroy it. That didn't matter! They didn't care about it! Is that justice? Or is that some kind of corruption of our Law Enforcement? It's corruption!

Blue Star Strategies, Sally A. Painter https://bluestarstrategies.com/about/our-team
John Kerry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Kerry
Atlantic Counsil https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_Council
Marie Yovanovitch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Yovanovitch
Yuriy Lutsenko https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuriy_Lutsenko
NABU https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Anti-Corruption_Bureau_of_Ukraine
SBU https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_Service_of_Ukraine
Valentyn Nalyvaichenko https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentyn_Nalyvaichenko
G. Soros NGO https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_projects_supported_by_George_Soros
John F. Tefft https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_F._Tefft
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The DNC-article, Yahoo Michael Isikoff 2016:
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20.02.2020 kl 11:43 303

Teleshenko also dispels another myth that lies at the core of the Coup attempt by the Democrats, and their attempt to frame president Trump for false charges. They keep saying, the Democrats, that President Trump and I for president Trump, was trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. That's absolutely untrue. This all started as you know in November. Well before Biden was a candidate. It was presented as evidence that would help defend The President, and it is evidence that could help defend The President.
I collected it, in my capacity as his defense attorney! Which any good defense attorney would do. President Trump is entitled to the same vigorous defense that anyone else is. The lawyer who does it shouldn't become a victim of a massive meteor attack. Gosh, if I were defending a terrorist it'd probably make me a hero, and if I defending a Democrat I'd probably be Man of the Year.
The double standard is so bad, but what I want you to hear -because I've been saying it but we want to prove it- I didn't go find these people. They came and they found me, because they were being turned away by (Marie) Yovanovitch, by the Embassy, by the State Department, by the FBI, and by the Department of Justice. They had nowhere to go after a year and a half! They came to me! This is just one example:

Giuliani: “and you reached out for me, I didn't reach out for you?”
Teleshenko: “I was looking for you. I came to see you. First of all I was interesting to meet you, but then it was also to deliver this information that this is going on.”

So now you can see, that the witnesses the tapes and the documents, that we've already presented to you, prove some things. They substantiate some things that are very very important. They present evidence. Substantial evidence of two bribes.

One to Biden by (Mykola) Zlochevsky in order to protect (Mykola) Zlochevsky, BURISMA and Biden son Hunter. Hunter Biden was going to get what turns out to be 5 to 8 million dollars in payments for a no-show job. That was how the bribe was paid!

And then, when it came time to have to protect BURISMA, Biden was there to get (Viktor) Shokin fired. Basically by extorting (Petro) Poroshenko, or bribe (Petro) Poroshenko with the loan guarantee, to get rid of the Prosecutor General(Viktor Shokin), who was being too aggressive in prosecuting cases.
Then putting their person in(Yuriy Lutsenko), who then proceeds to dismiss cases to help AntAC Soros’s company, to help the guy who was creating the phony evidence Vitalii Kasko.
And then most importantly -after a rather lengthy negotiation, because (Petro) Poroshenko wanted to get his bribe for this he wasn't gonna do it for nothing- finally in October or November of 2016 Biden gets it done.
The case is dismissed, (Mykola) Zlochevsky is allowed to come back, he(Mykola Zlochevsky) keeps his 5 BILLION, he keeps his company, he's allowed to go back and forth of the Ukraine! One of the biggest crooks in the Ukraine (Mykola Zlochevsky) is freed based on the activity of our Vice President(Joe Biden)!

And this isn't being investigated!?
20.02.2020 kl 11:54 302

These are crimes at the highest levels of 2 governments, where there was a mutual sale of public office. The Vice Presidency United States(Joe Biden) and The Presidency of Ukraine(Petro Poroshenko).

If we can't investigate something of this magnitude, where you have corruption at the highest levels of two governments -the sale of public office:
- The Vice Presidency the United States sold to (Mykola) Zlochevsky
- The Presidency of the Ukraine basically sold to Biden to get rid of (Viktor) Shokin
If we can't investigate something like this because it's too politically difficult, or the press is going to demonize the prosecutors in say they are corrupt, and terrible, and awful, and mean, and corrupted themselves.

If the prosecutors can't withstand what I have to go through then how can our relations with Ukraine ever be good? Isn't this a national security matter?

We're trying to get the Ukraine legitimately to end what is systemic corruption! I have a special fondness for Ukraine because it's one of the countries that was freed by my hero Ronald Reagan.

If we can't be capable of fully investigating and holding accountable our highest public officials because we're intimidated, then how can we be a model for Ukraine for anything other than, they’re just as corrupt as we are, or we're just as corrupt as they are. It may just be a matter of degree.

It's got to stop! it's got to change!

People in Ukraine are very hopeful because people in Ukraine supported the president's conversation with (President Volodymyr) Zelensky. Many of them said to me, this is the first time an American president has really been straightforward about corruption here, and although we have corruption here and it's systemic your people in the United States participate in it, and no one's acknowledged that before.

And you know who participated a big time, and we're gonna find out all about it?
The Obama Administration! BOOM!

Many of them told me, that from the time Obama came into office until the time he left, corruption in Ukraine got a lot worse and American participation much higher.

You're gonna find out about all of that in future episodes.

For now, I thank you very much and please digest this, and realize what's going on in YOUR country!

It is very very dangerous to subvert the system of justice for one political party, and that is what is happening.

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Volodymyr Zelensky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volodymyr_Zelensky
Hussein admin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidency_of_Barack_Obama#Administration

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