"The new shares are registered on a separate ISIN and will not be listed and tradable on Oslo Børs until the Company publishes a listing prospectus in accordance with Chapter 7 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act, currently expected to take place during March 2020."

This better be good....:)

Like really, REALLY good.... *sigh*..

Ja, Håper at det blir veldig bra 😀 Verden går videre å IOX skal utvikles. Blir spennende å se prospektet. Kanskje vi får mer også, om vegen videre 🙄
Redigert 09.03.2020 kl 15:23 Du må logge inn for å svare

I got my fingers crossed, hanging up chicken bones and sticking needles on dummies hoping they have a plan ready for lithium... :)

PS. This oil price is not sustainable, the only question how long everyone is prepared to loose money... this can be solved with few phone calls. Saudis should start buying military equipment from Russia like increasingly everyone in the Middle East is doing.. win win..

Few days and the prospectus comes out:)... or after being subject to IR policy for years I kind of know it won't..:)

Hope for a nice prospectus,soon😀

Only silly people do business with their own money:) In all fairness they a have a bit of money but yes, they need more. Currently it is anyone's guess what the plan is. Not a situation the IR should be proud of...
26.03.2020 kl 11:15 298

Er dette en engelsk språklig tråd?

Any language is welcome, that is what Google Translate is for:)
26.03.2020 kl 12:54 192

Hmmm.. vi får se om prospektet kommer eller inte.
Tror det blir utsatt på obestämd tid.. eller något sånt. Det är ju inte så att de håller oss aktionärer uppdaterade precis, eller?