Kina oppe å går som normalt igjen?

Hagler for øyeblikket inn med e-post fra ulike leverandører i Kina jeg har brukt, hvor de sier produksjonen er i gang igjen og klare for å ta i mot bestillinger.
Andre som handler med kinamann som har mottatt e-post?
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March 12, 2020, 5:00 a.m. ET

SHANGHAI — China is starting to get back to work. More than six weeks after its leaders virtually shut down the world’s second-largest economy to stop a relentless coronavirus outbreak, factories are reopening and offices are starting to fill.

That’s little solace to Zhang Xu. Piles of windshields — some broken, others new and ready to be installed — sit untouched at his car repair shop in a blue-collar neighborhood in Shanghai. One of his two employees is still stuck in a faraway village. But that matters little, because Mr. Zhang has no customers.

“If we don’t get sales, the distributor won’t be able to order more from the factory and the factory won’t be able to produce,” Mr. Zhang said.

Stopping the Chinese industrial machine was painful for China and for the world — and restarting it may be even harder. Factories are well short of full capacity. Even the most successfully restarted cities are only halfway back. Tens of millions of laborers cannot get to work.Even when workers come back, Chinese businesses may find overseas demand slumping for their exports because of worsening coronavirus epidemics in other countries.