Limited Covid-19 impact – operations under control

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Limited Covid-19 impact – operations under control
Insr handles the corona-situation proactively. All employees are currently work from home with very few exceptions, without negatively impacting current operations. In a couple of days we launched an online claims reporting solution for travel claims which will be of great benefit to handle the significant increase in cancellations. We therefore feel confident that our operations will continue to perform satisfactorily under current circumstances.
Altough it is too early to understand the impact on claims results and volumes, we expect results well within our risk capacity, given our current capital base. We wish to emphasize that travel insurance only constitutes a small share of Insr’s portfolio, a smaller share of the portfolio than the market average. Also, we expect results on motor to benefit from currently reduced driving activity in Norway.
We also expect very limited impact from market turbulence. Insr has strong liquidity and a very low risk investment portfolio where around 70% is placed in money market funds, 20% in medium term investment grade Norwegian/Nordic bond funds and 10% in Danish covered bonds.
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