Dette kan være opptakten til en ny finanskrise

Det sammenlignes med USA og eiendomsmarkedet før finanskrisen brøt ut i 2008.

Kina og eiendomsmarkedet. Foto: Reuters vide

The trials of a small property developer in a second-tier Chinese city point to conditions eerily similar to those preceding the U.S. housing market collapse, says correspondent Pete Sweeney, Reuters."A little-known local property developer in Ningbo, a port city about two hours outside of Shanghai is at risk of posting China's largest real estate bankruptcy in recent memory."As China's real estate bubble starts to deflate around the edges, it's putting speculators who bet heavily on continued growth at risk of going belly-up. If you remember the global financial crisis of 2008, real estate helped set that off too. Investors are worried that the same thing is happening in China right now.