African Petroleum Company gir fra seg eiendeler

African Petroleum Company gir fra seg eiendeler i lisenser i Sierra Leone med umiddelbar effekt.

In this recent undated handout photo, Chinese dissident and Nobel Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, left, is attended to by his wife Liu Xia in a hospital in China. Liu Xiaobo has been released from prison on medical parole after being diagnosed earlier June 2017 with late-stage liver cancer and is being treated in a hospital in the northeastern city of Shenyang. He had been more than half-way through an 11-year sentence after being convicted in 2009 on subversion charges. (Photo via AP)
Det er bestemt at African Petroleum Company ifølge en melding gir fra seg eiendelene i lisensene SL-03-17 og SL-4A-17 i Sierra Leone med umiddelbar effekt.Selskapet gir fra seg eiendelene etter en avgjørelse om å ikke forplikte seg til et ultra dypvanns boreprogram, etter diskusjoner med oljedirektoratet i Sierra Leone.Partene ble ikke enige.